Building and development

Information about building and development in the Northern Territory.

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Access building files

Build in a controlled area

Build or develop on Aboriginal land

Build or renovate your home

Building professionals: what to expect during an audit


Get a building certified

Health and safety

Hearings and notices

  • Building Notes
    Get Building Notes, documents produced by the Director of Building Control to explain legislation, regulations and policy related to building.
  • Planning notices online
    How to get planning notices online from the Development Applications Online website.
  • Public hearings on behalf of the minister
    These meetings may be held when a development application is lodged in areas where the Minister for Lands and Planning is the consent authority.
  • NT Planning Commission hearings
    The NT Planning Commission is the reporting body pm hearings that deal with planning scheme amendments or exceptional development permits.

Heritage properties

How to subdivide your land

Install a wastewater system

  • Wastewater management
    Find out how to install a septic tank, holding tank or wastewater treatment system, and about using greywater, in the Northern Territory.

Make a complaint or settle a dispute

NT planning scheme

Submit a development application

Zoning land

  • Zoned land: development and land use complaints
    Make a complaint about a failure to follow planning or zoning rules and laws.
  • Zoning maps
    Get zoning maps including for the Northern Territory, including for urban areas and Major Remote Towns.
  • Zoning
    What different land zones mean, how to look up zones, unzoned land and how to apply to change zoning.
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