Safety guide for recreational boating

There are minimum safety requirements for safety equipment on all recreational boats. 

Read about minimum safety gear (1.0 mb) for your boat.

You should read a copy of the Marine Safety Guide before you go recreational boating.  

Read or download a copy of the guide (3.2 mb).

You will find all of the following information in the guide. 


All of the following information: 

  • safety requirements
  • marine infringement notices
  • Australian builders plates
  • anchors and anchoring
  • signals
  • navigational lights
  • avoiding collisions
  • steering and sailing rules
  • buoys, beacons and marks
  • fire prevention.


All of the following information: 

  • safety via satellite
  • flares
  • marine emergency procedures
  • distress signals
  • marine communications
  • radio distress procedures.


Information on: 

  • marine pollution
  • tidal information. 

Recreational fishing

All of the following information: 

  • possessions
  • vessel limits
  • fish protection areas. 


Department of Transport
Marine Safety Branch
2nd Floor Energy House
18-20 Cavenagh Street
NT 0800
Phone: (08) 8924 7100
Fax: (08) 8924 7009

Last updated: 13 November 2018

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