Declared weeds

A declared weed is a plant that has been identified for control, eradication or prevention of entry into the Northern Territory (NT). 

If a weed is declared, all land holders, land managers and land users must comply with the declaration classification.

Download a list of declared weeds (158.3 kb) in the NT.

Read more details about declared weeds in the NT.

Classes of weeds

Weeds are placed into classes based on the risk of harm they could cause and how difficult they are to control.

The following are the three classes of weeds in the NT:

  • Class A - to be eradicated
  • Class B - growth and spread to be controlled
  • Class C - not to be introduced into the NT.

All Class A and Class B weeds are also Class C weeds. 

Weeds of National Significance

The following Weeds of National Significance are either present or have been detected in the NT:

Go to the Australian Government's Department of the Environment website to find out more. 

For more information on identifying and controlling weeds, contact the Weed Management Branch.

Last updated: 11 April 2018