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A relatively short and easy drive from Alice Springs, Standley Chasm (Angkerle) cuts through the tough Chewings Range quartzite to form a picturesque natural alleyway that sports an abundance of native flora and fauna. A walk from the car park allows access to a series of pools that host an abundance of birds and other wildlife. The flora is also impressive, with the Chasm acting almost like a time capsule for plants.

Standley Chasm, Iwupataka Aboriginal Land Trust

Standley Chasm (Angkerle) is Aboriginal Land and is part of the Iwupataka Land Trust and is bordered by the West MacDonnell National Park. A relatively short and easy drive from Alice Springs, Standley Chasm cuts through the tough quartzite to form a picturesque natural alleyway. Surging flood waters over thousands of years are responsible for this beautiful site, which is at its most impressive in the middle of a sunny day. As the light shifts across the cleft, visitors are treated to a magnificent display of colours and forms. The reliable trickle of water has ensured the survival of species from a time when Central Australia was a lusher place.

The chasm has a kiosk where lunch and drinks can be purchased. An entrance fee applies to the site and can be paid at the Kiosk.

Several walks depart from this area. The Larapinta Trail section 3 and 4 heads off to the west and the east. There is also the notable walk up into the Chasm. This is traditionally done around midday when the overhead sun lights up the chasm. Walking into the chasm in the morning or late afternoon can also be rewarded as wildlife are more active at these times. There is another short walk that heads up westwards from the back of the Kiosk. The walk climbs up a valley and finishes on a saddle with spectacular views of valleys, creeklines and mountains off to the west.

Key features: 

  • The spectacular slot gorge
  • An abundance of walking trails
  • Bountiful plants and animals
  • A great kiosk.
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