Credits & Acknowledgements - The West Macs

The West Macs - National Parks, Tyurretye, Northern Territory, Australia.

Credits & Acknowledgements

Special thanks to

  • Traditional Owners and families of the West MacDonnell Ranges
  • Rhonda Inkamala
  • Davie and Trudy Inkamala
  • Jennifer Inkamala and family
  • Araluen Arts Centre - Tim Rollason, Director; Kate Podger, Curator; Alison Furber, Cultural Educational Officer
  • Alice Springs Desert Park - Gary Fry, Director; Olivia Chandler, Visitors Services Manager; Estelle Marshall, Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Ted Egan, Musician and Storyteller
  • Dan Murphy, Artist
  • Michael Barritt, Senior Ranger
  • Chris Day, Chief District Ranger
  • Deborah Clark, Artist
  • Barry Allwright, Caretaker of the Alice Springs Historical Images
  • Ben Ward, Multi Media Artist
  • Central Land Council - Peter Donohoe Coordinator Joint Management and Tourism; Mark Burslen, Acting Coordinator Joint Management and Tourism (from July 2010); Helen Wilmot, Anthropologist; Chantal Binding Joint Management Officer NT Parks




  • Michael Barritt
  • Peter Carroll
  • Steven Pearce
  • Clive Hyde
  • Mark Wilson (Tnorala image)

Content Production Team

  • Karen Hawkes - Project Manager
  • Wendy Cowan - Content Coordinator
  • Rhonda Inkamala - Cultural Advisor
  • Andrew Hyde - Senior Producer
  • Richard Cordova - Application Developer

Headliner Video

Producer: Andrew Hyde Exposure Productions

Music: CAAMA Music


History Strand

Producer: Dave Richards

Video Producer: Andrew Hyde Exposure Productions


  • Richard (Dick) Kimber, Historian
  • Jim Hayes, Pastoralist
  • Stuart Traynor, Historian
  • Peg Nelson
  • John Spencer
  • Sondra Young
  • Chris Tutor, School Principal
  • Peter Severin
  • Steve Morton, Arid Zone Ecologist, CSIRO
  • Peter Latz, Plant Ecologist
  • Ted Egan, Musician & Storyteller
  • Bill Hayes, Pastoralist

Images sourced through

  • Alice Springs Library
  • State Library of South Australia
  • NT Archives (Alice Springs and Darwin)
  • Museum Of Central Australia
  • Alice Springs Historical images, Alice Springs Town Library

Culture Strand

Producer: Vincent Lamberti, Desert Fringe Productions

Cultural Advisor: Rhonda Inkamala

Special Thanks to:

  • Papunya 'Yiparinya' Women Dancers and Singers - Tilo Nangala, Nellie Nangala, Topsy Napaltjarri, Dorothy Nungarrayi, Daisy Leura-Nakamarra, Elsie Gorey –Nampintjinpa, Mona Nangala, Lotti Nangala
  • Emu Dancers – Dylan McCormach, Shannen Club, Bruce Raggett, Mitchell Raggett, Billy Abbott and Dorothy Nungarrayi for painting the young boys.
  • Yarrenyty – Arltere Art Centre (Larapinta Town Camp)
  • Alice Springs Historical images, Alice Springs Town Library


  • Davie Inkamala
  • Maureen Campbell
  • Lofty Katekarinja
  • Carl Inkamala
  • Noreen Hudson
  • Clara Inkamala
  • Hettie Meneri
  • Dulcie Sharpe
  • Rachel Impu
  • Wayne Woods
  • Raymond Ebatarinja
  • Andrea Rontji
  • Rex Pareroultja
  • Tristam Malbunka
  • Shirley Namatjira
  • Rhonda Sharpe
  • Rhonda Inkamala
  • Jennifer Inkamala
  • Warren H. Williams
  • Kathleen France
  • Triffany France
  • Gracie France
  • Vanessa Inkamala
  • Rhonda Shillingsworth
  • Sharon Watkins
  • Natasha Watkins
  • Margo Stuart
  • Doreen Carroll-McCormack
  • Letoya Curtis
  • Narelle Armstrong
  • Angela Namatjira
  • Alison Furber

Nature Strand

Producer: Andrew Hyde, Exposure Productions

Music: CAAMA Music


  • Michael Barritt, Senior Ranger
  • Peter Latz, Plant Ecologist
  • Pete Murray, Palaeontologist
  • Gareth Catt, Ranger
  • Dr Chris Pavey, Biodiversity Conservation Scientist
  • Angus Duguid, Scientist
  • Phil Cowan, Senior Ranger
  • Dr Catherine Nano, Plant Ecologist
  • Jessica Bonanni, Ranger
  • Katherine Williams, Ranger
  • Andrew Schubert, Senior Ranger
  • Peta Clarke, Specialist Zookeeper

Art Strand

Producers: Craig Mathewson, Plexus Productions and Vincent Lamberti, Desert Fringe Productions

Art Orientation Video: Vincent Lamberti, Desert Fringe Productions

Special Thanks to:

  • Kate Podger and Alison Furber, Araluen Arts Centre
  • Ngurratjuta Iltja Njarra: Many Hands Art Centre
  • Papunya Tula Art Gallery
  • Mervyn Rubuntja
  • Ikuntji Artists


  • Kate Podger
  • Alison Furber
  • Marilyn Armstrong
  • Anne MacKenize
  • Henry Smith
  • Siri Omberg
  • Sally Mumford
  • Deborah Clark
  • Dan Murphy
  • Ivy Pereroultja
  • Allan Cooney
  • Sue McLeod
  • J9 Stanton
  • Kaye Kessing
  • Kevin Namatjira
  • Lenie Namatjira
  • Sarita Quinlivan
  • Rod Moss
  • Tristam Malbunka

Orientation Videos

Flynns Grave


Simpsons Gap

Phil Cowan – Senior Ranger

Ellery Creek

Jessica Bonanni - Ranger

Serpentine Gorge

Katherine Williams – Ranger

Serpentine Chalet

Dick Kimber – Historian
John Spencer

Ochre Pits

Rhonda Inkarmala – Cultural Consultant

Ormiston Gorge

Katherine Williams – Ranger

Glen Helen

Dick Kimber – Historian

Redbank Gorge


Tylers Pass




Palm Valley

Andrew Schubert – Senior Ranger

Owen Springs

Dick Kimber – Historian
Phil Cowan – Senior Ranger

Standley Chasm

Elaine Peckham – Traditional Owner
Rhonda Shillingsworth – Traditional Owner

AS Desert Park

Peta Clarke – Specialist Zookeeper
Lea Laughton – Apprentice Guide


Kate Podger - Curator
Alison Furber - Cultural Education Officer

Nature Orientation

Peter Murray - Palaeontologist
Dr. Chris Pavey – Animal Ecologist
Dr. Catherine Nano – Plant Ecologist

Inland Sea (Feature)

Peter Murray - Palaeontologist
Peter Latz - Plant Ecologist


Additional Credits

GeoScience Australia -

State Library South Australia -

Glen Helen Resort -
The Glen Helen Resort is situated at Glen Helen and is surrounded by the majestic MacDonnell Ranges. Featuring comfortable Motel Accommodation, Powered Sites or you can "rough it" under the stars in well maintained campgrounds. Glen Helen has a long history as a popular tourist location, and could possibly be better described as an Outback Lodge. Glen Helen cakes its charm from its traditional bush welcome and atmosphere. The view of stunning cliffs and riverbed is dominating and impressive as guests relax outdoors on the back verandah, or sit in more comfort in the lounge area. Enjoy a cold beer at the bar before dining in the renowned Namatjira Resturant and Gallery, or cook a barbeque outdoors while enjoying the sunset. In winter relax in front of a cosy open fireplace, and in summer laze by the swimming pool. For most of the year you can enjoy quality entertainment five nights a week in the Homestead, with a variety of resident musicians bringing even more Australian flavour to your stay.

Larapinta Creative Camps -
Larapinta Creative Camps offers artists, art students, photographers and writers the opportunity to engage creatively with some of our most beautiful and remote country. With more than ten years experience in this field they provide a comfortable, supportive, camping environment that will recharge your spirit and inspire your work

Ngurratjuta Iltja Njarra – Many Hands Art Centre –
Ngurratjuta Iltja Njarra – Many Hands Art Centre offers visitors a unique shopping experience. While browsing the wide variety of works available for sale, visitors are invited to talk with the Arrarnta Artists who paint on site Monday and Tuesday 10am- 3pm. The centre is proudly Aboriginal owned and operated. Specialising in watercolours landscapes and contemporary and traditional dot paintings.

Albert Namatjira Gallery, Araluen Arts Centre –
Featuring watercolour landscape paintings by the famous Western Arrarnta artist, Albert Namatjira, his sons, contemporaries and other prominent watercolour artists from Central Australia.

Siri Omberg –
Hidden within a sublime garden setting on the Old Eastside of Alice Springs, this tranquil gallery space and artist's workshop is not be missed. Jewellery and former Melbourne art dealer, Siri has an eye for up-and-coming talent so enjoy a unique Alice Springs shopping experience and browse some of the most interesting Aboriginal artworks, jewellery and objects of desire. Ring prior to visiting as Siri sometimes conducts workshop in Aboriginal communities. 0429 658 041

Watch this Space –
Established in 1994, Watch this Space is a not for profit organisation that supports, fosters and values contemporary art in the central desert region. Tuesday to Friday 10am – 5pm & Saturday 12-4pm

Alice Springs Desert Park –

Junior Rangers Parks and Wildlife of the NT –

Alice On-Line –

Hermannsburg Potters -
A man named Victor Jaensch, from Greenock in the Barossa Valley was the first person to teach pottery at Hermannsburg. He searched and found suitable clay and supervised the construction of a small kiln. His two key teaching assistants at the time, Nashasson Ungwanaka and Joesph Rontji began to make figures and animals from clay. The first clay pieces were painted and sold to tourist from a craft shop at Hermannsburg in the early 1970's. Hermannsburg Potters now exhibited extensively throughout Australia and overseas. The group also undertaken major mural commissions for corporate and government clients.