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The West Macs - National Parks, Tyurretye, Northern Territory, Australia.

About this site

The Tyurretye West MacDonnell Ranges National Park

This vast and spectacular section of the MacDonnell Ranges is an outstanding example of an ancient landscape sculptured over time by climatic elements. Cool scenic gorges are important refuges for a collection of plants and animals, many of which are found only here and some are relicts of a bygone era of tropical forests. Features of the landscape are significant in the stories of Western Arrernte Aboriginal culture, and have existed for many thousands of years.

The Park is jointly managed, involving a partnership in which the Northern Territory Government (represented by the Parks and Wildlife Service) works together with Aboriginal Traditional Owners to manage parks.

This Park is has been nominated for World Heritage Listing to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).


The Stories

The aim is to provide digital interpretive content for visitors to the region to enhance your experience and enrich your understanding of the region.

You can download the stories to your portable device, such as your MP3 Player or iPhone, and then listen to them while you are on your journey and at the various locations on route.

The stories are themed into 4 categories:

  • Culture Stories - Traditional owners and custodians of the West Macs share their stories.
  • Nature Stories - Diverse and ancient, the flora, fauna and formation of the West Macs has been millions of years in the making.
  • Art Stories - The vibrant artistic streak within Central Australia connects people and places, the past with the present, and the region's European and Indigenous cultures.
  • History Stories - From early settlers to the first tourist camp, these stories show how tough life could be in Central Australia.

You can also browse stories via 16 locations in the West MacDonnell Ranges, these include

  1. Araluen Precinct
  2. Desert Park
  3. Flynn's Grave
  4. Simpsons Gap
  5. Standley Chasm
  6. Owen Springs
  7. Ellery Creek
  8. Serpentine Gorge
  9. Serpentine Chalet
  10. Ochre Pits
  11. Ormiston Gorge
  12. Glen Helen
  13. Redbank Gorge
  14. Tylers Pass
  15. Tnorala
  16. Finke Gorge

The stories are narrated by local experts and residents of the region including Park Rangers and prominent characters.


The website features are...

Individual Locations - Each location contains an interactive map with the themed stories marked for you to watch and listen. There is also the opportunity to learn about things to do at each location like walking or bike riding.

Journeys - In these themed sections we have grouped the audio stories into categories for a more focussed view of the content. For example there are groups of stories about the local bush tucker or artists.

There are "Journeys" under the following themes:

Or you can chose to view "All Stories" under each theme to see the separate stories. For example:

Things to do - If you are looking for places to swim or bushwalk, at each location you can get a list of all the activities available in that area. You can select the activity or the location to access the information.

Activities include:

Trip Planner - As you look at the website and decide on which places you may want to visit, simple click the add location to your trip planner. Once you have added the location information you would like you can print out a brochure containing the location information.


Take our stories with you.

Travelling Audio - The website provides the opportunity for you to download MP3 files that you have heard so you can listen to these stories anytime, anywhere on your personal MP3 player. We have grouped these MP3 files into topics or you can select files individually.

The West Macs on Mobile There is also an iPhone application for you to download view a collection of our stories.

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