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Children and Families

The Department of Children and Families
The Department of Children and Families (DCF) Adoptions Unit provides a range of programs for people interested in adopting
The Australian and Northern Territory Governments are working together to make fundamental and lasting improvement to the lives and opportunities of the residents of Alice Springs, particularly town camps.
In the Northern Territory any person who believes that a child is being, or has been, abused or neglected is required by law to report their concerns. Reports should be made to the 24 hour Centralised Intake Service by using the free-call phone number 1800 700 250. Remember, you do not need to prove abuse or neglect, you need only report your concerns. The Care and Protection of Children Act provides legal protection against civil or criminal liability for people who make reports in good faith.
Parents play a critical role in children's lives. It's a role, however, that can be full of challenges for families and parents as their children grow. The Department recognises that the best way to ensure children are happy, safe and resilient is to strengthen families, family networks and communities.
Caring families are the basis of most Territorians ability to take responsibility for themselves and care for others, such as children and young people. The Department supports families in a range of ways encouraging healthy and supportive roles in families for men and women. We provide support to families in crisis, families who need extra support before crises occur and families who need guidance with typical challenges of parenting.
Domestic and family violence encompasses all forms of violence between intimate partners (who are married or unmarried, in de facto relationships, boyfriends, girlfriends, gay or straight) and violence between other members of a family, household or community. Most commonly this involves physical abuse and sexual assault, threats, intimidation, emotional abuse, social isolation, property damage, financial deprivation and spiritual abuse. It also includes child abuse and neglect.
We deliver social and health-related payments and services
The Mobile Outreach Service Plus (MOS Plus) supports children, young people, families and remote communities by providing counselling and education where children and young people are at risk of, or have been traumatised by, abuse or neglect. This includes sexual, physical and emotional abuse and/or where children or young people exhibit Problem Sexual Behaviours or Sexually Abusive Behaviours.
Non-Government Organisations (NGO) and Service Providers
Office of Children and Families Careers
Domestic and family violence is wrong. This site is here to provide key resources and a list of specialist services to assist people who use violence and abusive behaviours within their family relationships.
2011 marks 100 years of International Women's Day. A time to reflect and review on progress made to advance equality, peace, and development for women. It is also an opportunity to unite, celebrate, network, and mobilise for meaningful change
Office of Women's Policy in the Northern Territory is the Government's central coordination, monitoring and reporting agency for women's issues and oversees the development and implementation of the Government's Policy Framework for women.
Provides information on purpose and application process to hold a Working with Children Clearance Notice for people who have contact or potential contact with children in certain specified areas of employment.
Welcome to the Office of Youth Affairs (OYA) website. The OYA website includes information about programs OYA runs and how young Territorians can get involved in activities across the NT. OYA helps young Territorians keep informed and actively involved in making things happen in their community. The four programs OYA focuses on are Youth Engagement Grants, the Youth Ministerīs Round Table of Young Territorians (Round Table), Youth Policy Framework and National Youth Week (NYW) − and you can find out more about these initiatives on this website.

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