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Licences Permits and Registration

A person who works in the Northern Territory as a real estate or business agent's representative must be registered. The person must meet a number of legal requirements.
The Agents Licensing Board has responsibility for the licensing of real estate, business and conveyancing agents and the registration of agent's representatives in the Northern Territory.
Various different types of liquor restrictions are in force across the Northern Territory.
A person who sells goods or property by auction or offers for sale goods or property by auction in the Northern Territory must hold a licence. Operating as an auctioneer without a licence may incur a penalty.
ABLIS helps you find all the licensing and compliance information you need in one place. ABLIS is a free online service to help businesses find the information they need to meet their compliance responsibilities.
This web site has informatation about the temporary fishing arrangements for affected areas by the Federal Court decision known as the Blue Mud Bay case.
The Parks & Wildlife Commission NT (the Commission) has the power to regulate or prohibit the carrying on of any trade or commerce in a park, reserve or other land committed under a law of the Northern Territory under the care, control and management of the Commission in conjunction with the Territory Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act and By-laws.
Licensing, Regulation and Alcohol Strategy (LRAS) regulates incorporated associations through the Associations Act. Incorporated associations are a simple and inexpensive means of establishing a legal entity. This is an alternative to forming, for example a company limited by guarantee or a co-operative, and is particularly suitable for small, community based groups. The incorporation of an association provides a limited liability for its members. LRAS maintains publicly available information on associations including the public register of associations, financial statements, constitutions, and the name and address of the public officer.
Territory Business Centres provide a range of licence information and application forms for licences administered through a number of Northern Territory Government agencies.
The Business Information Kits provide current and comprehensive information across all levels of government relating to a specific business activity in the Northern Territory.
A national business names register is administered by Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and replaces all state and territory business names registers.
Information can be provided on many areas of business, including business & skilled migration, business development, business regulation, skills development, working with government and much more.
An employee of a licensed casino must have the appropriate license in order to carry out duties relating to the conduct of gaming and the operation of gaming machines.
The Northern Territory's aquatic resources are shared between a variety of user groups including commercial, recreational, indigenous fishers, fishing tour operators and the wider community. In order for all groups to continue to prosper from the use of these valuable resources, it is important that all activities are conducted in a manner which is least disruptive to the ecosystems upon which they depend.
A person must not carry on business as a commercial agent, an inquiry agent, a process server or a private bailiff unless he or she has been issued with an appropriate licence. Operating as a commercial agent, an inquiry agent, process server or private bailiff without a licence may incur penalties.
Consumer Affairs is a part of the Department of Justice, and aims to promote and regulate responsible business conduct through administration of a regulatory system that protects consumer interests.
Forms, procedures and guidelines to assist clients on their requirements under Governement legislation and general administration requirements by the Department of Minerals and Energy.
To fossick in the Northern Territory you must hold a Fossicker's Permit issued under the Northern Territory Mining Act. There is no cost for a personal Fossicking Permit.
Gambling and Licensing Services (GLS) administers and enforces the Northern Territory's regulatory regimes for gaming, wagering, liquor, kava, tobacco, private security, business affairs, associations administration, licensing under the Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading Act, agents licensing and escort agencies. Our objective is to minimise harm to the community through the appropriate and effective regulation of these activities.
A community venue in the Northern Territory with gaming machines must hold the appropriate licenses.
In accordance with the Australian Government National Emergency Response in the Northern Territory the commercial importation and licensing of kava is prohibited.
The main function of the Office is to keep a Register, which contains title to all land under the Land Title Act, and to provide public access to the Register. Registered dealings are part of the title which is guaranteed by the Crown and open to public search. Some examples of dealings are mortgages, transfers, leases, discharge of mortgages and applications to replace lost certificates as to title. A fee for these services applies.
The holder of a licence is legally permitted to sell alcoholic beverages on specific licensed premises. Holders of liquor licences may be individuals, registered companies or partnerships.
Forms, guidelines and information for liquor licence holders of the Northern Territory.
An appropriate licence is required for a person or an approved association carrying on a trade or business in the Northern Territory to conduct foreign, community or trade lotteries.
A person who carries on the business of a motor vehicle dealer in the Northern Territory must hold a current Northern Territory Motor Vehicle Dealers licence. Operating as a motor vehicle dealer without a licence may incur a penalty. Further penalties may also apply to include forfeiture of vehicles and any sale proceeds.
Department of Planning and Infrastructure (IPE) provides motor vehicle inspection and registration, and driving licensing services throughout the Territory.
The Northern Territory Film Office (NTFO) supports and develop the film, television and digital media industry in the Northern Territory. Our key role is to develop and grow the local industry, attract production to the Northern Territory and celebrate a vibrant and innovative screen culture.
Information on firearms regulations and legislation plus application forms for licences which can be downloaded
A company that carries on the business of online gaming and wagering in the Northern Territory must hold the appropriate license.
A person who carries on the business of a pawnbroker or second-hand dealer must hold a licence in the Northern Territory. Operating as a pawnbroker and / or second-hand dealer without a licence may incur penalties.
The Planning Scheme Business Information Finder provides you with a tailored report that includes information about properties that are covered by the NT Planning Scheme, it gives details of the zoning of your property and whether your activity is permitted, discretionary or prohibited.
Gambling and Licensing Services is responsible for the Territory's regulatory regime for wagering, and enforces licensing standards. The division's objective is to minimise harm to the community via appropriate and effective regulation of these activities.
A person, company or firm intending to carry on a business as a real estate, business or conveyancing agent must hold a license in the Northern Territory. Operating as a real estate, business or conveyancing agent without a licence may incur a penalty.
Screen Territory is the Northern Territory Government's screen industry agency responsible for supporting and developing the film, television and digital media industries within the Territory. On this website you'll find information about funding programs, the Territory screen industry and filming in the Northern Territory.
Due to concerns about public safety, especially around licensed premises, the government has established the private security regulatory regime. This dictates that licences are required for crowd controllers, security officers and security firms.
Territory Business Centres are the initial contact and referral point for starting a business, business & industry licence information, business planning assistance and links to departmental assistance programs.
Tobacco licensing aims to regulate smoking in certain public places and workplaces. It also regulates the packaging, advertising and display of tobacco and other smoking products. Tobacco licensing prohibits the sale and supply of tobacco and other smoking products to children.
A sole trader or a company who wishes to repair and certify measuring instruments in the NT must hold a licence to service measuring instruments.
A person who carries on business as a travel agent in the Northern Territory must hold a licence. Operating as a travel agent without a licence may penalties.

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