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The Northern Territory Government is made up of 33 agencies.

From these pages you will be able to access the websites of all Northern Territory Government agencies, departments, statutory bodies and government-owned corporations. Weve also included links to other governments and organisations to help you access the broadest range of government services.

Services provided by the department include - Anti-Discrimination Commission, Community Justice Centre, Consumer Affairs, Correctional Services / Prisons, Courts Administration, Legal Services including Law Making & Law Reform, Licensing, Regulation and Alcohol Strategy, Office of Crime Prevention, Public Trustee, Public Prosecutions, Registrar-General - including Births, Deaths and Marriages, the Land Titles Office and WorkSafe.
The Northern Territory Government is committed to providing safe, secure, affordable housing to those Territorians most in need. Territory Housing aims to provide a responsive service that is tailored to meet the particular housing needs of eligible Territorians, which includes the provision of public rental housing.
Protecting Sacred Sites within the Northern Territory.
The Administrator of the Northern Territory is appointed by the Governor-General by Commission under the Seal of Australia in accordance with the provisions of the Northern Territory (Self Government) Act 1978. The Administrator holds office during the pleasure of the Governor-General, and is charged with the duty of administering the government of the Northern Territory.
The Department of Children and Families (DCF) Adoptions Unit provides a range of programs for people interested in adopting
The Alice Springs Desert Park is the essential introduction to Central Australia. It is a world-leader that showcases the natural and cultural environment of the Centre in three stunning habitats. The Park provides a sensitive and realistic insight into Aboriginal culture by display and interpretation of the traditional use of plants and animals.
The Youth Hub is a youth-friendly space where a range of services and activities such as family support, advocacy programs, art workshops, and sports competitions for young people in Alice Springs, are provided in a coordinated way.
Provides information on the Animal Welfare Act, Codes of Practice and the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee in the Northern Territory.
The Northern Territory Archives Service (NTAS) is responsible for the preservation and management of Territory records, both government and non-government. The collection includes diaries, manuscripts, photographic prints and slides, scrapbooks, maps, letters, personal papers. reports, minutes of meetings, correspondence, policy files, publicity material, journals, legal documents, plans, posters and oral history recordings and transcripts.
Services provided by the department include - Anti-Discrimination Commission, Community Justice Centre, Consumer Affairs, Correctional Services / Prisons, Courts Administration, Legal Services including Law Making & Law Reform, Licensing, Regulation and Alcohol Strategy, Office of Crime Prevention, Public Trustee, Public Prosecutions, Registrar-General - including Births, Deaths and Marriages, the Land Titles Office and WorkSafe.
The Auditor-General is empowered to conduct audits of the financial administration and performance management processes of the Northern Territory public sector.
The AustralAsia Railway completes the final link in Australia's rail network. The project is being managed as a Build, Own, Operate and Transfer Back (BOOT) scheme, with lease arrangements covering 50 years' operation before the railway is handed back to the Northern Territory and South Australian Governments.
The statutory function of registering births, deaths and marriages is carried out by the Office of the Registrar-General. The Northern Territory Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages is a section within the Registrar-General's Office.
This web site has informatation about the temporary fishing arrangements for affected areas by the Federal Court decision known as the Blue Mud Bay case.
The Department of Business' primary responsibilities are to deliver business and industry development services, and defence support. The department works with business to develop and broaden the Northern Territory economic base. This includes the provision of strategic programs and activities to support business and industry development.
Information can be provided on many areas of business, including business & skilled migration, business development, business regulation, skills development, working with government and much more.
The Department of the Chief Minister supports the Chief Minister and Government to develop a confident, growing and socially cohesive Territory.
Information about the Chief Minister and the Cabinet including portfolios and contact details.
Parents play a critical role in children's lives. It's a role, however, that can be full of challenges for families and parents as their children grow. The Department recognises that the best way to ensure children are happy, safe and resilient is to strengthen families, family networks and communities.
In the Northern Territory any person who believes that a child is being, or has been, abused or neglected is required by law to report their concerns. Reports should be made to the 24 hour Centralised Intake Service by using the free-call phone number 1800 700 250. Remember, you do not need to prove abuse or neglect, you need only report your concerns. The Care and Protection of Children Act provides legal protection against civil or criminal liability for people who make reports in good faith.
The Department of Children and Families
The Northern Territory Children's Commissioner is an independent statutory officer charged with promoting the wellbeing of vulnerable children. This website provides an outline of the core functions of the Commissioner and provides links to a range of related resources.
Caring families are the basis of most Territorians ability to take responsibility for themselves and care for others, such as children and young people. The Department supports families in a range of ways encouraging healthy and supportive roles in families for men and women. We provide support to families in crisis, families who need extra support before crises occur and families who need guidance with typical challenges of parenting.
This site provides information on human resource management and workforce development policies within the Northern Territory Public Sector.
The Commissioner investigates serious improper conduct in NT public bodies, and protects people who disclose public sector wrongdoing. You can disclose improper conduct by contacting the Commissioner's office.
The Community Justice Centre (CJC) has been established by the Northern Territory Government to provide mediation services to the community to help people resolve their own disputes without legal action. Our service is free, confidential, voluntary, timely, and easy to use.
Consumer Affairs is a part of the Department of Justice, and aims to promote and regulate responsible business conduct through administration of a regulatory system that protects consumer interests.
Northern Territory Correctional Services (NTCS), in partnership with the community, is committed to delivering a correctional service that contributes to individual and community safety. Correctional services are provided by Custodial, Juvenile Justice and Community Corrections in the NTCS.
Darwin has long been Australia pre-eminent port for the export of live cattle and is now becoming the regions primary service and supply base for offshore and onshore oil and gas projects.
The Darwin Waterfront Corporation and Convention Centre will redefine Darwin as the northern gateway to Australia, adding an exciting new dimension to the city and growing tourism, small business and recreational facilities for the next generation.
The principal functions of the Director are to institute, prepare and conduct criminal cases on behalf of the Crown before the Supreme Courts and the Courts of Summary Jurisdiction of the Northern Territory and the High Court of Australia. The Office of Director of Public Prosecutions offers support to victims of crime, witnesses and their families anywhere in the Northern Territory throughout the criminal justice process. There are eight members of the Witness Assistance Service (WAS), five in Darwin, three in Alice Springs.
Domestic and family violence encompasses all forms of violence between intimate partners (who are married or unmarried, in de facto relationships, boyfriends, girlfriends, gay or straight) and violence between other members of a family, household or community. Most commonly this involves physical abuse and sexual assault, threats, intimidation, emotional abuse, social isolation, property damage, financial deprivation and spiritual abuse. It also includes child abuse and neglect.
The Northern Territory Department of Education provides and promotes quality education for all Territorians, whether they are young children or adults, so that they can experience the best possible life and job opportunities.
eHealthNT is focused on advancing health care delivery through a range of systems to assist health care providers with securely storing, sharing and transmitting important patient care information.
If you live in the NT and are 18 years of age, an Australian Citizen (or British Subject who was on the Commonwealth electoral roll on 25/1/84, and have been living at your present address for a period of at least one month you are eligible to be enrolled to vote in Territory and Federal elections. Voting is compulsory.
Fisheries works in partnership with commercial and recreational fishing industries, the aquaculture industry, Indigenous communities and other stakeholders to achieve optimum sustainable utilisation of the Northern Territory's valuable aquatic resources.
General issues of the Gazette contain notices under the following headings: Proclamations; Legislative (Acts of Parliament assented to, Statutory Rules, By-laws, Regulations); Government departments administering particular legislation or functions; Notices under the Companies (Northern Territory) Code; Planning Act; Crown Lands Act; Private Notices; Tenders Invited; Contracts Awarded.
The Daily Hansard is a draft uncorrected proof of the daily report of the Parliamentary proceedings. The information contained in the database is subject to change and it is made available under the condition that it is recognised as such.
The Department of Health exists to provide services that work together for the health and well-being of our communities: maximising physical health but also the mental, social and environmental well-being of all Territorians.
The Health and Community Services Complaints Commission is an independent Statutory Body that conciliates, investigates and resolved complaints against providers of health and community services in the Northern Territory.
The Department of Housing delivers social housing programs including public housing, supported accommodation and home ownership.
The Information Commissioner is an independent officer whose two main functions are to: promote understanding and awareness of Freedom of Information (FOI) and Privacy in the community and public sector; and deal with complaints about breaches of privacy and about FOI decisions made by public sector agencies and local and community government councils.
The Northern Territory Department of Infrastructure provides top level project planning, budgeting and project briefs for Whole of Government infrastructure, ensuring best practice building energy efficiencies, and with its construction arm ensures that all projects are designed and built to government and industry standards in the Northern Territory.
Free interpreting and translating services (where applicable) are provided to NT Goverment agencies when dealing with non-English speaking clients who are Australian citizens or residents.
InvestNT provides a global entry point for potential investors and interested parties seeking investment opportunities and information about the Northern Territory's diverse, robust and resilient economy.
The Land Development Corporation is a commercially-oriented land developer. It can position the Territory and its industries to take advantage of the major industrial projects that are about to start or accelerate.
The Department of Lands, Planning and the Environment has responsibility for developing and providing the strategic planning and growth frameworks, strategies and infrastructure plans required to sustainably develop the Territory. Important areas of focus will include comprehensive analysis of growth trends to inform government decision making, a strategic land use plan for the greater Darwin region, Territory wide residential and industrial land release programs, planning for the City of Weddell and a new regional transport framework.
This database contains all the current consolidated Acts and subordinate legislation of the Northern Territory of Australia.
The purpose of the Department of the Legislative Assembly is to provide the Northern Territory Parliament and its Members with quality and timely support for the operation of the Parliament and Parliament House.
The Licensing Commission is an independent statutory authority with extensive powers to regulate and enforce the Territory's racing, gaming and licensing legislation. The Commission operates as an independent tribunal with responsibility for licensing and related matters covering liquor control, kava management, private security, escort agencies and gaming machines.
Database listing current members.
Mines and Energy is responsible for policy development for, and administration of, the mining, energy and petroleum industries in the Northern Territory.
Department of Planning and Infrastructure (IPE) provides motor vehicle inspection and registration, and driving licensing services throughout the Territory.
Find details about all current NT Government jobs and employment opportunities online
NTLIS is a dynamic system of inter-related knowledge and expertise, spatial data and information, policies, procedures and standards, information technology and communications. NTLIS is focused on Corporate spatial data and information, which encompasses the spatial, geographic and attribute information required by more than one government agency or industry organisation to carry out core business functions.
NT Build is a Government appointed board established under the Construction Industry Long Service Leave and Benefits Act which provides for long service leave and long service benefits for construction workers.
Access Nursing information relating to Territory Nurses: current jobs, working conditions, studies grants and the Annual Nursing and Midwifery Awards.
The Ombudsman for the Northern Territory is independent of Government and provides a free service to the public. The Ombudsman investigates complaints about government departments and agencies.
Parliament House, Darwin's premier building, is the first permanent residence of the Northern Territory Legislature. It forms part of State Square, which also includes the Supreme Court and Liberty Square, a turfed area that adjoins the Office of the Administrator and Government House.
The Parole Board plays an important role in the Northern Territory criminal justice system by deciding whether a prisoner should be released to parole. The Parole Board makes decisions about juvenile and adult prisoners and prisoners who are serving a sentence of life imprisonment for the crime of murder.
Within the Northern Territory, the allocation of an official name to a place (be it a locality, suburb, town, community, road, residential park, cemetery, building or natural feature) is the responsibility of the Northern Territory Government under the Place Names Act which allows the Place Names Committee for the Northern Territory to make recommendations to the Minister for Planning and Lands for the naming of a place.
Power and Water is the premier provider of electricity, water and sewerage services in the Northern Territory.
Primary Industries is responsible for developing the Northern Territory's agricultural, horticultural and pastoral industries. It works in partnership with producers, industry bodies, community groups and related agencies to promote industry growth.
The Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries is responsible for the sustainable use of Primary Industry and Fisheries resources to stimulate and sustain economic growth for the entire NT community and economy.
Public Transport was established in November 1995. Public Transport is responsible for the provision of urban public transport services to the greater Darwin area including Palmerston and the rural area. Public Transport are also responsible for providing a dedicated transport service for students in the Northern Territory, including transportation for students with identified special needs.
The Remote Health Branch provides primary health services to remote communities throughout the NT. We supply health and support services in culturally and geographically diverse places - from the desert areas in Central Australia to island communities in the Top End.
Secure NT is your gateway to information on emergency situations in the Northern Territory. Extreme weather events are part of life in the Territory, so its important to know how to prepare for them especially during cyclone season. This site offers information on how to prepare for cyclones and other natural disasters as well as advice on response and recovery efforts.
Information and services available for older Territorians including Seniors Card Scheme, Seniors Month, Council on Ageing, Portrait of a Senior Territorian Art Award, Senior Australian of the Year and links to other services.
the NT Superannuation Office administers the Northern Territory Government and Public Authorities Superannuation Scheme, the Northern Territory Supplementary Superannuation Scheme, the Legislative Assembly Members' Superannuation Scheme; the Northern Territory Police Supplementary Benefit Scheme; the Northern Territory Administrators Pensions Scheme; and the Northern Territory Government Death and Invalidity Scheme.
Embrace and discover the spectacular sights, nature & culture of the Australia's Outback with Territory Discoveries. The Northern Territory Travel Specialists will help you plan the perfect trip to Darwin, Alice Springs, Uluru, Kakadu, Katherine plus many other exciting locations in the Northern Territory. Search and book online for your dream holiday!
TIO is a major insurance and finance institution, its assets exceed $400 million, with Branches and Agents throughout the NT. Playing a major role in every aspect of life in the Territory.
Through our people, provide the Territory with the most effective and efficient revenue and subsidy management services delivered in a fair and equitable manner.
2011 marks 100 years of International Women's Day. A time to reflect and review on progress made to advance equality, peace, and development for women. It is also an opportunity to unite, celebrate, network, and mobilise for meaningful change
Tourism NT is charged with the promotion and development of tourism in the Northern Territory. This site provides information and assistance for the Northern Territory tourism industry and media partners.
Travel the Northern Territory and experience the Australian Outback. Enjoy Darwin, Kakadu National Park, Uluru/Ayers Rock, aboriginal culture & more.
The Transport Group works to provide the Northern Territory with transport systems that are safe, efficient, and ecologically sustainable.
Treasury and Finance is a key central agency in the Northern Territory public sector and is recognised as providing high quality advice and information to the Treasurer and the Government, Territory agencies and the Territory community.
The Utilities Commission of the Northern Territory is the independent industry regulator, established to oversee those industries declared to be regulated industries. While the Commission has been established as a separate administrative unit within the NT Treasury, it has specific statutory powers and undertakes its considerations independently from Treasury.
Office of Women's Policy in the Northern Territory is the Government's central coordination, monitoring and reporting agency for women's issues and oversees the development and implementation of the Government's Policy Framework for women.
Provides information on purpose and application process to hold a Working with Children Clearance Notice for people who have contact or potential contact with children in certain specified areas of employment.
The Northern Territory Workplace Advocate is an information, consultation and advisory service to assist Territory workers, employers and their representatives in relation to work-related matters including dealing with employment issues, dispute settlement, unfair dismissal and the setting of wages and conditions, and to promote fair and productive workplace practices in the Territory.
NT WorkSafe promotes safer workplaces and support for injured workers. NT WorkSafe works with employers and employees to ensure injured workers have access to medical, pharmaceutical, rehabilitation costs and income support. Under NT WorkSafe, all employers must hold a workers compensation insurance policy to cover all employees.
The Office of Youth Affairs provides a whole-of-government approach to policy priorities for young people aged 12 to 25 years and develops effective communication links between young people, Government and the wider community.

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