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Services provided by the department include - Anti-Discrimination Commission, Community Justice Centre, Consumer Affairs, Correctional Services / Prisons, Courts Administration, Legal Services including Law Making & Law Reform, Licensing, Regulation and Alcohol Strategy, Office of Crime Prevention, Public Trustee, Public Prosecutions, Registrar-General - including Births, Deaths and Marriages, the Land Titles Office and WorkSafe.
Court Support Services are the responsibility of the Department of Justice, we are responsible for meeting the on-going needs of the Judiciary and general public. This section of the website provides information relating to: Community Justice Centre, Court Support Services, The Coroner's Office, The Lands, Planning and Mining Tribunal, The Fines Recovery Unit, The Mental Health Review Tribunal.
The principal functions of the Director are to institute, prepare and conduct criminal cases on behalf of the Crown before the Supreme Courts and the Courts of Summary Jurisdiction of the Northern Territory and the High Court of Australia. The Office of Director of Public Prosecutions offers support to victims of crime, witnesses and their families anywhere in the Northern Territory throughout the criminal justice process. There are eight members of the Witness Assistance Service (WAS), five in Darwin, three in Alice Springs.
The Fines Recovery Unit (FRU) manages all aspects of fine recovery including the taking of payments, the making of time to pay arrangements and providing information to the public about the enforcement when no other solution can be found. The FRU offers a case-managed debt recovery system, focused on assisting clients to manage their financial obligations to the Territory. One of the main goals of the FRU is to reduce the number of fine defaulters who are imprisoned.
The jurisdiction of the Magistrates Courts are divided into two main areas, civil and criminal. The Local Court deals with civil cases and the Court of Summary Jurisdiction mostly deals with less serious criminal cases. The Magistrates also have jurisdiction to hear matters in a number of other courts, such as the Juvenile Court, the Family Matters Court, Local Court, Small Claims Court and the Work Health Court.
The Solicitor for the Northern Territory maintains excellence and integrity in the government's legal dealings by the provision of quality advice, representation and documentation to government Ministers, agencies and employees.

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