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Public Revenue and Expenditure

The Northern Territory Treasury Corporation (NTTCorp) is the Central Financing Authority for the Government of the Northern Territory (NT) of Australia.
The Budget website provides direct access to all the Northern Territory's Budget information.
The Deparment's purpose is to promote sustainable fiscal strength and economic development of the Northern Territory and contribute to improved social and fiscal wellbeing for Territorians.
Economic Policy has a major role in providing policy advice to the Treasurer and Cabinet on economic issues.
The Corporation lends funds to the Northern Territory Government, government business divisions, the government owned corporation, local authorities and other government organisations.
Treasurer’s Directions on issue comprise a selection of ‘new’ Treasurer’s Directions and a selection of existing Treasurer’s Directions.
The Corporation is the Central Financing Authority for the NT Government and is responsible for meeting its borrowing and investment requirements.
Treasury consists of six business units and two statutory authorities with functional responsibilities stipulated in the Administrative Arrangements Order of 10 February 2009.

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