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North East Gas Interconnector

Proposed gas pipeline map showing the northen and eastern gas markets connectingThe proposed gas pipeline map
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Request for Final Proposals

The Request for Initial Proposals (RFIP) closed on Monday 2 March 2015. Nine responses were received and evaluated by an expert panel comprising of two private sector members and two senior public servants.

Four proponents have now been invited to progress to a Final Request for Proposals stage which will close in September 2015 with a successful proponent being announced shortly thereafter. The four companies invited to participate in the Request for Final Proposals stage are (in alphabetical order):

  • APA Group
  • DDG Operations Pty Ltd (DUET)
  • Merlin Energy Australia Pty Ltd
  • SGSP (Australia) Assets Pty Ltd (Jemena)


The Northern Territory Government is working to facilitate the development of a gas pipeline connection from the Territory to meet energy demands on the eastern seaboard and to contribute to national energy security.

The Northern Territory Government has granted Major Project Status to the proposed gas pipeline and has commenced a competitive bid process to identify proponents to build, own and operate the pipeline.

“The construction of this gas pipeline is an infrastructure project of national significance. It’s also a matter of urgency for the eastern states which are fast approaching an energy security crisis” Chief Minister Adam Giles said.

An industry briefing was held in Alice Springs on 31 October 2014 to launch and explain the project to potential proponents and to outline the competitive bid process.

Council of Australian Governments (COAG)

At the 38th meeting of the Council of Australian Governments on Friday, 10 October 2014, the nation’s leaders supported the connection of the Northern and Eastern Gas Markets.

An extract from the 38th COAG communique on the gas pipeline is set out below:

Gas pipeline connecting the Northern and Eastern Gas Markets

COAG supported the work being undertaken by the Northern Territory to establish a competitive process for the private sector to bring forward proposals for the construction and operation of a pipeline to connect the Northern and Eastern Gas Markets. COAG agreed that connecting these gas markets is the next step to developing a national gas grid and will contribute to the development of a more national and competitive domestic gas market, helping to improve supply security.

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