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Departmental Units

The purpose of the Department of the Legislative Assembly is to provide the Northern Territory Parliament and its Members with quality and timely support for the operation of the Parliament and Parliament House.

The Department is comprised of eight functional areas, which are:

Office of the Speaker
The principal administrative function of the Office of the Speaker is the responsibility for the overall operation of the Parliament and Parliament House, including the use of facilities in the building and its precincts. In undertaking the duties and responsibilities associated with the Office, the Speaker is assisted by the Office of the Clerk.

Included in the responsibilities of the Office of the Speaker is the ultimate administration of the Remuneration Tribunal which sets out terms and conditions for Members and entitlements such as office accommodation, staff, vehicles and electorate-related travel.

Section 3 of the Public Sector Employment and Management Act confers on the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly the same powers as the Commissioner for Public Employment in respect of officers employed by the Legislative Assembly.

Ceremonial and hospitality functions of the Parliament and inter-parliamentary liaison are also administered by the Office of the Speaker.

Principal Contact:
Ms Martine Smith
Office of the Speaker
Phone: (08) 8946 1433
Fax: (08) 8981 3284
Email: LA.Speaker@nt.gov.au


Office of the Clerk
The Clerk is the Chief Executive Officer of the Department of the Legislative Assembly and is responsible for corporate management.
The Office of the Clerk provides advice to the Speaker on administrative and parliamentary matters, provides procedural advice to all Members and Committees.
In addition, the office is responsible for:

  • provision of Clerks at the Table during sittings of the Assembly;
  • drafting motions, amendments and procedural scripts for Members as required;
  • producing the Order of Business/Notice Paper and related Chamber documentation;
  • administering the Register of Members' Interests (Clerk is Registrar);
  • receipt and collation of Matters of Public Importance and Petitions to be tabled;
  • advice on Members entitlements; and
  • financial management and Members’ travel.

Principal Contact:
Mr Michael Tatham
Clerk of the Legislative Assembly
Telephone: (08) 8946 1450
Email: michael.tatham@nt.gov.au

Deputy Clerk
Ms Marianne Conaty
Telephone: (08) 8946 1427
Email: marianne.conaty@nt.gov.au


Procedural Support
The Chamber Services Unit provides support for the sittings of the Legislative Assembly, including:

  • receipt and processing of Written Questions and Answers, Petitions, Bills, Bill amendments and procedural motions;
  • administering tabled papers;
  • production of Minutes of Proceedings;
  • procedural notes for conduct of business in the Committee of the Whole;
  • administrative support for passage and assent of Bills;
  • in the Chamber, distribute papers and provide Members with routine administrative assistance;

Principal Contact:
Mr Steve Stokes
Acting Director
Telephone: (08) 8946 1447
Fax: (08) 8941 2558
Email: steve.stokes@nt.gov.au


Hansard Services

The Hansard Unit is responsible for the production and editing of the:

  • Daily Hansard and Parliamentary Record;
  • Estimates Committee transcripts;
  • other transcripts as required; and
  • indexing of Debates and Questions

Principal Contact:
Ms Melissa Johnson
Telephone: (08) 8946 1440
Fax: (08) 8941 2558
Email: melissa.johnson@nt.gov.au


Committee Office
The Committee Office provides support to parliamentary committees, including assistance with draft resolutions on committee matters, research and report drafting for inquiries and logistical arrangements for meetings.

Principal Contact:
Mr Russell Keith
First Clerk Assistant

Phone: (08) 8946 1429
Fax: (08) 8946 1419
Email: russell.keith@nt.gov.au


Business Services
Business Services has overarching responsibility for human resources, records management, information technology, office services and procurement advice and support for managers.  The unit is responsible for the  development and implementation of Human Resource strategies, policies and services,  provision of expert advice to managers on procurement rules and processes management of the payment of salaries and allowances through the Government’s DBE salaries unit, telecommunication services for Parliament House and electorate offices, information technology services from the Department of Business and Employment and the supply of furniture, equipment, stationery and general office supplies for the department and for electorate offices.

Principal Contact:
Ms Jacqui Forrest
Director of Business Services

Phone: (08) 8946 1451
Fax: (08) 8941 2558
Email: jacqui.forrest@nt.gov.au


Building and Property Management Services
Building and Property Management has the overall responsibility for the management of facilities at Parliament House and electorate offices, including:

  • electrical / mechanical energy management;
  • repairs and maintenance, minor and capital works programs;
  • leasing;
  • asset management;
  • contract development and management;
  • function management in conjunction with the support of Office of the Speaker;
  • management of on-site contractors; and
  • broadcast of Parliament

Principal Contact:
Mr Bill Fryar
Director Building and Property Management Services

Phone: (08) 8946 1410
Fax: (08) 8946 144
Email: bill.fryar@nt.gov.au


Parliamentary Education Services
The Parliamentary Education Services conducts education sessions and tours for schools and tours for the general public and visiting dignitaries.  It produces promotional booklets, brochures and resources for teaching and learning about parliamentary democracy in the Northern Territory and has overall responsibility for the preservation of our historical records.

Principal Contact:
Craig Muir
Manager of Parliamentary Education Services
Phone: (08) 8946 1414
Email: craig.muir@nt.gov.au


Security Services Unit
The Security Services Unit coordinates and manages the security activities of the agency, including:

  • security services in Parliament House;
  • emergency management and cyclone procedure coordination;
  • provision of security advice to Parliament House building occupants and electorate offices;
  • provision of security education and awareness training;
  • work health and safety matters.

Principal Contact:
Mr Mick Caldwell
Manager of Security
Phone: (08) 8946 1402
Email: michael.caldwell@nt.gov.au


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