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Former Committees - Constitutional Development

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On 28 August 1985, the Legislative Assembly, by resolution, established the Select Committee on Constitutional Development.  On 30 November 1989, the Legislative Assembly resolved to amend the Committee's terms of reference, changing its status from a select committee to a sessional committee.  The Sessional Committee was reappointed on 27 June 1994 and ceased to exist at the prorogation of the seventh Assembly on the 12 August 1997.

Terms of Reference

The Committee's primary terms of reference are:

(1) to inquire into, report and make recommendations to the Legislative Assembly on:

(a) a Constitution for the new State and the principles upon which it should be drawn, including:

  • legislative powers;
  • executive powers;
  • judicial power; and
  • the method to be adopted to have a draft new state Constitution approved by or on behalf of the people of the Northern Territory;

(b) the issues, conditions and procedures pertinent to the entry of the Northern Territory into the Federation as a new State; and

(c) such other constitutional and legal matters as may be referred to it by:

  • relevant ministers; or
  • resolution of the Assembly

(2) to undertake a role in promoting the awareness of constitutional issues to the Northern Territory and Australian populations.

Contact Details
Mr Russell Keith
Clerk Assistant - Committees
GPO Box 3721

Telephone: (08) 8946 1429
Fax: (08) 8946 1420

Email: russell.keith@nt.gov.au

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