About Parliament

The Department of the Legislative Assembly has a new website available at https://parliament.nt.gov.au/

Please update your links to the new website.


Speaker of the Legislative Assembly

The Honourable Kezia Purick, MLA, holds the position of Speaker and is the Presiding Officer of the Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory.

Parliament House functions Rooms

The public areas of the building are open to the public from 8.00am to 6.00pm daily.

History of Parliament Site

History of the parliament house site.

History of NT Parliament

History of the Northern Territory parliament.

Parliamentary Education Services

Information relating to schools programs for primary and secondary students..

Broadcast and Media Accreditation

You can watch the House from your computer, watch it on television, or listen to it on the radio.

Tours of Parliament House

Visit parliament house and join in a personal tour or take a self guided tour.

Parliamentary Information Papers

Information papers regarding parliamentary process.

Guide to Procedures -2nd Edition

Guide to Procedure for members, staff, public servants and the general public.

Useful Links

Links to other Parliaments and Government Agencies.