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About the Northern Territory Law Reform Committee | References and Reports |

Current Reference - Discussion Paper

About the Northern Territory Law Reform Committee

The Northern Territory Law Reform Committee is a non-statutory committee established to advise the
Attorney-General, the Hon John Elferink MLA, on the reform of law in the Northern Territory.

The Committee consists of the Chair, currently the Hon. Austin Asche AC QC, and 12 other members
including the Chief Magistrate, the Ombudsman, the Executive Officer of the Law Society, members of
the legal profession, academic staff of the Northern Territory University including at least one member
from the Faculty of Law, a representative of the Police Force and a member from an Aboriginal body.

The Committee considers matters referred to it from time to time by the Attorney-General.

The Legal Policy Division of Department of Justice provides executive and administrative support to
the Committee.

References and Reports
  1. Sexual Assault Investigation and Prosecution *
  2. Self Defence and Provocation *
  3. Privilege against Self Incrimination
  4. Disposal of Uncollected Goods Act *
  5. The Right to Silence
  6. Whistleblowers legislation *
  7. Report on the Review of Administrative Decisions and an 
    Administrative Tribunal 
  8. Towards Mutual Benefit: An Inquiry into Aboriginal Customary Law
    in the Northern Territory
    Aboriginal Customary Law Report
  9. Uniform Evidence Act
  10. Report on the law of property
  11. Annual Report 2005 - 2006
  12. Annual Report 2006 - 2007
  13. Uniform Succession Laws
  14. The Oaths Act Report
  15. Medical Enduring Powers of Attorney Report
  16. Northern Territory Law Reform Committee Report on Committals
  17. Relationship Registers
  18. Defendants Submitting to Psychiatrics or Other Medical Examination
  19. Northern Territory Law Reform Committee : Report on the Review of the Juries Act - pdf | word
  20. Northern Territory Law Reform Committee : Report on the Trespass Act - pdf | word

(These documents are in PDF format. Get a free Acrobat Reader here.)

* The attachments to these reports are available only in hard copy (printed) format. For a copy,
please contact the Law Reform Committee at:

NT Law Reform Committee
GPO Box 1535 Darwin NT
Ph: (08) 8935 7659
Fax: (08) 8935 7662

The Executive Officer of the Law Reform Committee may be contacted at the following email


Current Reference - Discussion Paper