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Local Court

The Local Court is established by the Local Court Act 2015 and may sit at any time and at any other place the Chief Judge directs. Civil cases involving debts, damages or other actions in excess of $25,000 to a maximum of $250, 000 are heard in the Local Court.

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Statement of Claim 7A
Statement of Claim [in relation to motor vehicle collision] 7B
Originating Application between parties 7C
Originating Application 7E
Originating Application between parties when early hearing required 7F
Notice of intention to appear 7D
Application 25A
Tenancy Application 30A
Application for Registration of Order 35C
Notice of Defence 8A
Application for default Judgement 11A
Application for Order to be set aside and re-hearing 36A
Notice of Discontinuance or Withdrawal 5B
Admission of Debt 19A
List of Documents 16B
Case Management Statement 32C
Summons to Give Evidence 23A
Summons for Production of Documents 23B
Application for Issue of Warrant of Execution 43A
Application for Issue of Examination Summons 47A
Judgment Debtor's Declaration of Financial Circumstances [not a corporation] 47C
Judgment Debtor's Declaration of Financial Circumstances [for a corporation) 47D
Application for Issue of Warrant for Arrest of Judgment Debtor 47E
Affidavit in Support of Attachment of Earnings Summons 48B
Notice of Appeal 37A


Local Court Fees are determined in conjunction with the Revenue Units Act 2009. Fees may be subject to change on 1 July each year.

Local Court Fees from 1 July 2015


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