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Forms and Fees

Forms can be downloaded here and must be filed at a court upon payment of any prescribed fee.

General Forms

Local Court

The Local Court is established by the Local Court Act 2015 and may sit at any time and at any other place the Chief Judge directs. Civil cases involving debts, damages or other actions in excess of $25,000 to a maximum of $250, 000 are heard in the Local Court.

Domestic and Family Violence and Personal Violence Application Forms

  Approved Forms
  Domestic & Family Violence Act
Form 1 Statutory Declaration
Form 2 Application for Domestic Violence Order
Form 3 Application for Domestic Violence Order by Young Person
Form 4 Order
Form 5 Summons to a Defendant to Show Cause
Form 6 Application and Order under Section 28 by Police Officer
Form 7 Application for Court of Summary Jurisdiction Domestic Violence Order Section 29(1) - Child Protection Officer
Form 8 Application to Vary or Revoke Domestic Violence Order
Form 9 Urgent Application for Variation of Order under Section 65
Form 10 Application to Review Police Order made under Section 72
Form 11 Summons to a Defendant to Show Cause Pursuant to Section 71
Form 12 Application for Registration/Variation/Revocation of External Order
Form 13 Order for Registration/Variation/Cancellation of Registration of an External Domestic Violence Order
Form 14 Notice of Registration of External Domestic Violence Order
Form 15 Summons to a Person to Appear or to Appear and Produce Documents
Form 16 Notice to Landlord
Form 17

For Bailiff - Service Information Form


  Justices Act
Form 1 Application for Personal Violence Restraining Order
Form 2 Personal Violence Restraining Order - Notice of Mention
Form 3 Referral to Community Justice Centre
Form 4 Application to Vary/Revoke Personal Violence Restraining Order

Youth Justice

Form 1 Application for Family Responsibility Order
Form 2 Summons to Appear at Inquiry
Form 3 Application for Revocation or Variation of Family Responsibility Order
Form 4 Family Responsibility Order