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Sexual Reassignment

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From 1 June 1997 a person born in the Northern Territory and who has undergone sexual reassignment surgery can apply to the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages to record the new gender on the birth certificate. A person born in the Northern Territory who is 18 years or older may apply to the Registrar to have the record of sex altered on the birth certificate if he or she has undergone sexual reassignment surgery.

Sexual Reassignment Surgery

Sexual Reassignment surgery means a surgical procedure involving the alteration of a person’s reproductive organs for the purpose of assisting a person to be considered to be a member of the opposite sex, or to correct or eliminate ambiguities relating to the sex of the person.

Recognition Certificate

An approved form is to be lodged together with documentary evidence. This evidence consists of:

Identification required

Upon application to register a change of sex, sufficient identification must be produced such as a passport or driver’s licence in accordance with the Registrar’s Identification Requirements policy (see in Related Pages).

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Old birth certificates

Any existing birth certificates should be submitted to the Births, Deaths and Marriages Office for notation that the certificate has been superseded. The certificate(s) will be returned to the applicant. It is an offence for a person, with the intention to deceive, to produce a birth certificate that shows the person’s sex before his or her change of sex.
(Penalty: AU$10,000 or imprisonment for 2 years).

New birth certificates

When the change of sex is registered, a birth certificate issued from the Register will, unless requested by the person, show the changed sex. The birth certificate will not include a statement that the person has changed sex. Any changes of name recorded prior to an application for notation of change of sex, which indicate that the person may have changed sex, will not as a general rule be printed on the reverse of the birth certificate unless an applicant specifically requests otherwise. A name change recorded at the time of the sex change notation, which infers that a sex change has taken place, will not be printed on the birth certificate unless this is requested by the applicant.

Change of name

For persons wishing to change their name as a result of the change of sex, a Change of Name form will need to be completed and fees paid. There will be no requirement to advertise the change in a newspaper.

See the Fees Schedule (in Related Pages) for the relevant fees regarding:

Previous change of name

If a person has previously changed his or her name, whether within or outside of the Northern Territory, and wishes to have the name change noted on the birth certificate, the original change of name certificate of Deed Poll etc. will need to be forwarded to the Office for sighting. There are no fees for noting a change of name on the birth certificate.

Access to old birth certificate

Access to the old birth certificate is restricted by legislation. Persons who may apply are the person themselves, executor or administrator of the person’s estate, a child, spouse or former spouse of the person, police officer of other person entitled by Law.



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