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Specification Services

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The Specification Services unit is part of the DoI Infrastructure Services division. Its main function is to provide strategic advice and support in the development and maintenance of specification and documentation systems for construction, maintenance, service, supply and consultancies for the Northern Territory Government.

Standard Specification for Road Maintenance 2014/2015

This is available via the link below.

Standard Specification for Road Maintenance 2014/2015

Standard Specification for Small Building Works 2014/2015

The Standard Specification for Small Building Works 2014/2015 is password protected and is restricted to DoI staff and external NATSPEC subscriber consultants. It is accessible via the Bulidings button in the list on the left of this web page. To get the user ID and password contact the Specification Services team.

Standard Specification for Environmental Management First Edition 2014

The Specification Services unit has published a new standard specification book on behalf of the Department's Environmental Services group.

The provisions in the book take effect on and from 03 February 2014. All other environmental management specifications clauses and forms are redundant from that date and must not be used.

A copy of the book is available here.

Support documentation for Tenderers and Contractors is provided via the link below.

Contractor's Environmental Management Plan framework / template.

A Contractors Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) is generally a requirement for all DoI projects.

Environment Services team are on hand to provide project managers and contractors with advice and support on the requirements for CEMP’s.

Involving us in the development, review and implementation of CEMP’s will enable creation of a plan that is:

  • Value for money
  • Project specific and site relevant.
  • Contractors are aware of their environmental responsibilities.
  • Measures are in place to ensure contractors manage the environmental components of their projects effectively.
  • Procedures are in place to ensure the contractor is able to handle any environmental issues or emergencies that may arise

Advice and assistance is available from the Environment Services team;

Telephone: 8946 5003
Level 3, Highway House, Palmerston

DoI staff have access to a suite of assistance documents at the Environment Services Intranet web page linked here.

A Project Check List booklet is available as a pdf (1.5 MB).

Specifications for Recycled Crushed Glass as an Engineering Material

A copy of the ARRB Group document Specifications for Recycled Crushed Glass as an Engineering Material is available here. Section 9, "Recommended Specifications for RCG", is the specification DoI is currently assessing for use in the NT.

Feedback is welcome - email if you wish to comment on the applicability of this specification for NTG Civil works in the NT.


Consultants to the Department of Infrastructure have access to the latest versions of the master specifications through this site to allow contract documentation to be prepared for Government projects.

Select from ”Infrastructure Specifications”, “Road Specifications”, or "Power and Water Specifications" as required. The building specifications contained in the “Infrastructure Specifications” folder are derived from NATSPEC, the national building specification, which is protected by copyright and may only be accessed by Consultants who are current NATSPEC subscribers.

For for more information refer to the document titled NATSPEC Copyright (PDF) contact the Manager Specification Services in relation to access to this site.

RFT Documentation Check

A comprehensive RFT Documentation checklist is available on this website and this should be signed off by Project Officers and Consultants where applicable to verify that the documents have been thoroughly checked and are ready for reproduction.


The following documents are provided to assist in-house staff and Consultants to produce contract documents in-line with the standards required by the Department of Infrastructure.

The Specification Writing Guidance booklet (pdf) is a compilation of articles created after research in to Specification Writing. Most of the articles are from sources outside Australia, but the selected sections are relevant to the Australian context.

Project Check List Books

Project Check lists have been compiled into book form for seven project specification types and or aspects;

The Check Lists were created some time ago, some dating back to 2005. However, because they are procedure guides with little technical information in them, they are still relevant.

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