Tommys Creek Crossing
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Five Mile and Tommy's Creek Crossings


The project is at two locations in close proximity on Daly River Road. 

Location one includes the construction of new 30m long bridge over Tommy's Creek and approximately 1.2km of road embankment protection works. 

The location two is to raise the road level at 5 Mile creek (just North of Tommy's Creek) by around 0.8m.


Daly River Road, just north of intersection with Naiuyu Community Road.


This project is to improve access to the local communities of Daly River and Nauiyu especially during emergency situations such as cyclones and floods.


Steelcon Constructions.

Commencement of works

October 2011 - completion June 2012 (weather permitting).


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Latest news

07 March 2012 - Tommy's Creek fact sheet - February update

Traffic has now been diverted onto the new bridge at Tommy Creek.

Road protection works (including concrete and grassing) continues.

The remaining work under the bridge is to be completed when Tommy Creek (and the groundwater) recedes during the 2012 dry season.

The majority of works will be completed in March 2012.

Motorists are advised to follow all signs in place and to exercise caution around the works. See fact sheet for more detail (pdf)

22 December 2011 - Tommy's Creek fact sheet - December update

The new bridge over Tommy's Creek will be opened earlier than planned, with further road works (not affecting access) continuing over the wet.

The bridge will replace the existing culverts and provide additional flow area for the creek.

Traffic will continue to be directed along the detour until the weather conditions deteriorate. This will allow works to continue on the bridge for as long as possible.

Once the detour becomes impassable, the traffic will be diverted to the bridge to allow for unheeded community access. See fact sheet for more detail (pdf)

19 October 2011 - Five Mile/Tommy's Creek fact sheet

Works have commenced on the new bridge at Tommy's Creek on Daly River Road.

The bridge will replace the existing culverts and provide additional flow area for the creek.

A temporary detour has been constructed and will remain open until the creek is flowing.

The traffic will then be diverted back onto the crossing to ensure evacuation routes remain open. See fact sheet for more detail (pdf)