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Records Management Standards for public sector organisations in the NT

The Records Management Standards for Public Sector Organisations in the NT are issued pursuant to ss 137 and 138 of the Information Act.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • Purpose
    • Authority
    • Responsibility
    • Review of the standards and previous standards
    • Basis for these standards
    • Other legislation affecting records management
    • Other documents and publications consulted
    • Acknowledgments
  • Standard 1 – Governance (including identification of records)
    Records must be created within a managed framework.
  • Standard 2 – Capture
    Records must be captured into the corporate records management system.
  • Standard 3 – Discovery
    Records must be findable and accessible for as long as they are required.
  • Standard 4 – Security
    Records must be secure.
  • Standard 5 – Disposal
    Records must be disposed of systematically and accountably Definitions.

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