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Department of Corporate and Information Services

NT Government IT and Communications Services

The information and communications technology (ICT) services provided by the Department of Corporate and Information Services (DCIS) to other government agencies encompass five main areas:

  • Communications
  • Digital Policy Unit
  • Records Policy and Standards
  • ICT Services
  • Data Centre Services.


The Communications Unit plays a strategic role in getting all Territorians access to similar communications technologies and infrastructure that available in southern cities.

Digital Policy

The Digital Policy Unit develops and maintains ICT policies, standards and procedures for government.

Records Policy and Standards

The Digital Policy Unit administers Part 9 of the Information Act (as the Records Service under Section 4 of the Act), dealing with the management of records of NT Public Sector organisations, which includes the NT Government and NT local authorities.

ICT Services

The ICT Services unit provides information technology and communication support services to the whole of government, including contracting out, contract management, project management, transition management and provision of support staff to agencies.

Data Centre Services

Data Centre Services is a Government Business Division of the information technology services provided by DCIS to other government agencies. Its mission is to deliver a competitive, highly secure and failsafe, 24x7 data centre service, providing protection and ready access to clients' information systems and data.