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  • that banana regrowth is a banana plant

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Have your banana plants regrown?

Take the Regrowth Survey:  Banana Plant Regrowth Survey

We need to know if your banana plants HAVE or HAVE NOT regrown.

The survey will take 2-3 minutes to complete.

Banana plants were destroyed at 9437 addresses in the Red Zones and we are aware that regrowth of banana plants has occurred at some of these addresses.

To eradicate Banana Freckle we must ensure there are no remaining banana plants in Red Zones.

This includes banana plants that have regrown.

We appreciate your continued help in eradicating Banana Freckle from the Northern Territory

*Treatment of banana plant regrowth by Banana Freckle field teams is free of charge.

Banana Variety Survey: Sentinel Planting Program

Are you interested in taking part in the Sentinel Planting Program after 1 May 2016?

The Sentinel Planting Program will help us determine if we have successfully eradicated Banana Freckle from the NT.

Take the survey, selecting the banana varieties you would like to grow, and register your interest in being involved in the sentinel planting program.

To learn more about banana varieties, click here.