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The Passion of the Fruit.

[ 16/09/2011 ]

Researchers at Berrimah Farm are helping revive the Northern Territory’s small passionfruit industry.

Department of Resources staff are researching methods to improve passionfruit vine life in the Top End, and the encouraging results will be presented at a workshop to be held this Saturday 17th September

The project team has developed a combination of rootstocks grafted to a locally selected Panama Red variety of passionfruit, which has extended vine life while maintaining good production. This combination seems to withstand the Top Ends harsh growing environment far better than seedlings grown on their own roots 

The vines on display at the workshop have been established for two years now and have maintained good production for this period.

The project undertook research on passionfruit vine life and rootstocks, flowering and pollination, plant nutrition and pest management. To date the results are promising and it is time to share that knowledge with growers.

The research is being conducted at Berrimah Research Farm and funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research and the Northern Territory Government through the Plant Industry Division of Department of Resources.

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