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Forms and Guides
Chemical Services

On this page you will find all the application forms, guides, templates and information sheets relating to the authorisations and licences available from the Chemicals Services Section.

1080 Process

1080 User Authorisation – for individuals wanting to handle and lay baits
Document: Direction for Use of 1080 for Wild Dog Control (Direction for Use) – for all involved in 1080 baiting
Application:  » Apply Online » Download Application Form
Template:  1080 Baiting Record – for recording information about baiting operations undertaken on an individual property.

1080 for Wild Dog Control on pastoral or grazing properties

1080 Pest Animal Management Authorisation including Permit to Take Protected Wildlife (1080 PAMA and Permit) – for the property
Application: » Apply Online » Download Application Form


1080 Bait Injection Authorisation -  for the individual
Application: » Apply Online  » Download Application Form
Document: Model Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
Template: Personalised SOP


Document: Guidelines for forming a RWDMG
Proposal: Regional Wild Dog Management Group (RWDMG) Baiting Plan – for the Regional Coordinator
Template: RWDMG Annual Report

 Schedule 7 (S7) and Restricted Chemical Product (RCP) Authorisations

Application: S7 and/or RCP Authorisation – for the individual
Document: Requirements for Possession and Use of S7 and/or RCPs
Document: Code of Practice for the Handling of Pesticides
Template: Pesticide Spray Diary


Professional Ground Spray Licences

Application: Business Licence – for the Company


Application: Applicator Licence - for the individual

Professional Aerial Spray Licences

Application: Business Licence – for the Company


Application: Pilot (Chemical Rating) Licence – for the individual


Document: List of Training Providers


Form: Complaint Report

For any questions or further information about any of these forms or guides please contact the Chemical Services office on 08 8999 2344 (during normal business hours) or by email at: