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Central Australia Grazing Land Management - Case Studies

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Case Studies: Central Australia Grazing Land Management

Numery Station
Starting from scratch: GLM provides information and options

Andrew Clark has recently taken up the manager’s position at Numery Station. Attending the GLM course helped him to re-establish his networks in the industry and to develop a long-term plan with the new owner. [download]


New Crown, Lilla Creek & Andado Stations
New information and skills in an expanding business

The Costello family has recently expanded its holdings in central Australia and have found GLM to be particularly useful for increasing their knowledge of their new properties and getting their managers up to speed. [download]


Napperby Station
Lifelong learning: you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Roy Chisholm has spent a lifetime in the pastoral industry. Roy found that the GLM course gave him a more objective way of managing his feed supply and cattle numbers. [download]


Kurundi Station
Supporting the new ideas of a new generation

Ben Saint is a “young gun” of the cattle industry currently taking over the reigns of the family property. Ben is looking to manage Kurundi using a combination of hardwon family experience and technical knowledge gained from workshops such as GLM.[download]