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4 Research and Development

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4. Research and Development

The basic aim of R&D in the pastoral industry in the Northern Territory is to increase the long term productivity of the pastoral industry in a sustainable manner by providing relevant information to producers and conducting research into improving animal production (via improved husbandry techniques, improved pastures, improved nutrition and genetic improvement of cattle in the Northern Territory, and conducting research to ensure pastoral sustainability). The R&D programs cover the following:

  • introducing and evaluating new genotypes and hybrids;
  • increasing herd reproductive rates;
  • producing animals to meet market specifications;
  • rangeland management and sustainability;
  • improving animal nutrition through strategic supplementation and improved pastures;
  • long term monitoring of range condition trends;
  • evaluating new pasture species and cultivars;
  • integrating animal production with pasture/cropping systems; and
  • developing cheap and reliable methods of pasture establishment in upland and wetland areas.

For research activities the Department has research stations at Douglas Daly, Kidman Springs, Beatrice Hill, Katherine, Berrimah and Alice Springs (AZRI). Collaborative research projects are also conducted with other departments, organisations (eg CSIRO) and pastoral properties.