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Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries


New NT Government Website

From 21 April 2016, content from this NTG website will be available on NT.GOV.AU.


Drought Concessional Loans Scheme

Drought-affected pastoralists and farmers in the Northern Territory can now apply for drought concessional loans under the 2015–16 round of the scheme.

[Read the Media release


Asian Honey Bee surveillance underway

On 26 June 2015 an unusual type of bee, the Asian Honey Bee, was located on a new camper trailer that had been transported from Cairns to be part of a display at the camping show.
Asian honey bees remain a significant potential threat to the Australian and NT honey and pollination industries because they could introduce and carry the devastating varroa mite, which feeds on bees. [find out more]


Browsing Ants

Following the positive identification of browsing ants on 6th August 2015 within a secure section of Darwin Port, the Department of Agriculture and NT Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries have now identified browsing ants on a further two sites in nearby areas.
Browsing ants (Lepisiota frauenfeldi) are exotic and have not established in Australia. They form large colonies and eat and displace native ant species, as well as other insects in the infested area. They are not harmful to humans. [find out more]


Weaner Education Video

In view of the importance of weaner management and education to improve lifetime productivity, animal welfare, and work, health and safety outcomes for staff the Northern Territory Department and Primary Industries and Fisheries have developed a series of video's for beef producers to use as a training aid for staff. [find out more]


Online Submission of Applications for Wild Dog Management

Complete and submit your applications for PAMA and Permit, Users and Bait Injectors online. [lodge an application]


Vegetable Field Guide

This field guide provides easy and quick access to text and images to assist with the identification of pests and disease symptoms in the field. Correct identification of pests, beneficials, diseases and disorders is important in helping to minimise crop damage and when considering management options. The guide provides descriptions, life cycles and biology, monitoring and pest management. [find out more]


Animal Biosecurity Services - Fees

As of 1st January 2015 fees were introduced for a range of animal biosecurity services. Fees will be charged for tick inspections and treatments, interstate health certificates for livestock movement, export certifications and investigations to follow up breaches of the Livestock Act. [find out more]


Cucumber Green Mottle Mosaic Virus (CGMMV)

The Cucumber Green Mottle Mosaic Virus (CGMMV) is a plant disease which until recently was exotic to Australia. The virus infects watermelon, cucumber, melons, zucchini, pumpkin, squash, bitter gourd, bottle gourd and some species of closely related weeds .[more information


Banana Freckle

The  DPIF has implemented a response to the detection of Banana Freckle (Phyllosticta cavendishii) on Cavendish bananas in the Howard Springs and Batchelor areas, in July 2013. [more information]



Publications for download

Download Annual Research Achievements Report 2014-15 - Primary Industries [DOCX] Annual Research Achievements Report 2014-15 - Primary Industries [DOCX]
Since the mid 1980s this department has published an annual publication on the work of its science and technical staff. This Annual Research Achievements Report provides a summary of the R&D effort in primary industries by the science officers during the 2014-15 financial year. » DOWNLOAD PDF VERSION
Download Agribusiness Investment Booklet [DOCX] Agribusiness Investment Booklet [DOCX]
The self help guide to developing agricultural enterprises in the Northern Territory. Regularly updated, it explains to potential investors and the wider community which government agencies provide what types of information and the applications and approvals required to operate in the NT.


Download Economic Outlook 2014 [DOCX] Economic Outlook 2014 [DOCX]
The new edition of the Northern Territory Rural Industries and Fisheries Economic Outlook for 2014 is now available. This document is produced annually and provides production and value of production statistics on past, current and future output by Northern Territory primary industries. In addition, the document provides other economic statistics covering contributions to Gross State Product, comparisons across industries and employment figures. » DOWNLOAD PDF VERSION
Download Northern Territory Primary Industry and Fisheries Overview and Outlook 2014 [DOCX] Northern Territory Primary Industry and Fisheries Overview and Outlook 2014 [DOCX]
This document provides more comprehensive information and analyses of statistics related to the NT Primary Industry Sectors than the Economic Outlook 2014. It is based on actual statistics up to 2013-14 and provides forecast figures. In addition the document provides information on the NT economy, the performance of industry sectors, industry forecasts, industry multiplier effects, NT major trading partners, currency exchange rates and links to other useful publications and websites.