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NT Entry Requirements

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NT Entry Requirements

Restrictions have been placed upon plants, fresh fruit and vegetables entering the Northern Territory to prevent the introduction of pests and diseases not currently found in the NT.

Isolated pest and disease outbreaks occur from time to time and as such, all states have different entry restrictions due to the varying pest status of those individual states. Travellers are urged to contact the state they are intending to visit for information relevant to that state.

NT import requirements and treatments

A new Plant Health Act (PDF 126kB) and Plant Health Regulations (PDF 233kB).commenced in the Northern Territory on 1 July 2011. You are therefore advised to contact NT Quarantine for up-to-date entry requirements for plants and plant-related materials. 

The legislation includes requirements about particular pests such as ants, fruit flies, thrips, scale insects, sucking insects, soil borne pests and snails, as well as requirements for:

  • Turf
  • Nursery plants
  • Household plants
  • Fruits and vegetables and the plants that produce them
  • Seed and grain
  • Soil, compost and potting mix
  • Plant-related materials such as packaging, pallets, plant containers, agricultural equipment and earthmoving equipment

Telephone NT Quarantine on (08) 89992118 or email: