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Disease surveillance and control programs

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Animal Biosecurity Branch - Biosecurity & Product Integrity

Disease Surveillance and Control Programs

National Animal Health Programs

Surveillance programs for diseases that are not present in Australia are an important factor in ensuring trading partners that we are free of the specific animal diseases. National programs provide evidence to support and maintain Australia's reputable animal health status. Programs are managed by Animal Health Australia, with Industry, Commonwealth and State/Territory Government funding and coordination. The Northern Territory participates in the following:
Disease Surveillance programs
Disease Control & Management Programs
Feeding Restrictions
Disease Surveillance in the NT
Surveillance of the NT animal populations
  • enhances our knowledge and understanding of livestock diseases
  • enables detection of new and emerging diseases
  • identifies disease risks associated with trade and movement
  • highlights potential impacts on biodiversity and public health and
  • facilitates planning and implementation of control strategies to manage disease 
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