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Chemical Services

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Chemical Services
Biosecurity and Animal Welfare 

The primary role of Chemical Services is to regulate the use of agricultural chemical products (pesticides) and veterinary chemical products in the Northern Territory by administering the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (Control of Use) Act and Regulations. The legislation applies to all users of agricultural chemical products whether they are, for example, householders, farmers or pest management technicians.  Businesses and applicators employed by them to apply agricultural chemical products for fee or reward must be licensed.  Authorisations are also issued for use of higher risk schedule 7 (S7) Dangerous Poisons and for use of Restricted Chemical Products (RCP). 

Residue monitoring of produce and auditing of users of S7 and RCPs is also carried out to ensure compliance with label directions and authorisations for use. 

In addition we work with industry, trainers, national bodies and individuals to disseminate information to ensure responsible use of pesticides that is in compliance with legislation in the Northern Territory and does not result in harm to health, treated animals, environment or trade.

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Disposal of Agvet Chemicals & Agvet Chemical Containers

If you have any unwanted Agvet Chemicals, please contact ChemClear to arrange for appropriate disposal. Phone: 02 6230 4799.

If you have any empty Agvet Chemical containers, please contact drumMUSTER to arrange for appropriate disposal. Phone: 02 6230 6712.