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Striking the Balance - 2nd Edition

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Striking the Balance - 2nd Edition

This book outlines the unique physical environment of the Top End and explains why sustainable farming and grazing practices are imperative in the light of climate change and its potential consequences for northern Australia.

It covers grazing practices, soil conservation, irrigation and water use in detail and the importance of soil protection, vegetative cover and conservation farming from a regional and global perspective. While the world's population and food requirements are growing, the earth's soil and water resources are being degraded at an unprecedented level especially in tropical environments. Protecting the soil through good farming and livestock management is a rare win/win situation for the producer, the wider community and the environment.

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Striking the Balance - 2nd Edition (Complete publication) 24 MB
      Chapter 1 and 2. Introduction and the physical environment 6 MB
      Chapter 3 and 4. What is conservation farming and what's the catch 2 MB
      Chapter 5 and 6. Conservation farming program and soil conservation and erosion control 4 MB
      Chapter 7 and 8. Herbicides and crops suitable for the Top End 3 MB
      Chapter 9 and 10. Pastures, ley farming and farm forestry 5 MB
      Chapter 11 and 12. Crop and pasture nutrition and field crop irrigation in the Top End 4 MB
      Chapter 13 and 14. Weeds, insect pest and disease management 4 MB
      Chapter 15. Summary, glossary, appendices, references and index 2 MB

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