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Livestock Movements Statistics

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Livestock Movement requirements

Moving Horses (incl mules & donkeys) to the NT from Interstate

Before moving Horses in to the NT you will need to know the following:


NT Health Certificate & Waybill



Approved NLIS device

Johne’s Disease

Cattle Ticks

Land Transport Standards apply





NT Health Certificate & Waybill

  1. A NT Health Certificate & Waybill (for Horses only) must be completed.
  2. The correct Property Identification Codes (PICs) must be included on the NT Health Certificate & Waybill.
  3. Factsheet - Conditions for Entry of Livestock into the Northern Territory

NT PIC (Property Identification Code)

  1. A PIC is required for NT Health Certificates & Waybills and is also required for the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS). The property name and PIC are provided to the NLIS national database.
  2. PIC Registration is free of charge and simple - PIC Registration [printable form] or On-line PIC Registration or contact the Livestock Biosecurity Officerin your region for assistance.
  3. How to find PICs for NT Properties & Interstate Properties using the NT PIC Search database or NLIS database (also refer to QuickPIC or Search the PIC register)
  4. Agnote – NT Property Identification Code (PIC)


  1. Brands can be used on horses, buffalo and camels but it is not compulsory in the NT.
  2. Branding livestock is a clear way of identifying ownership of stock.
  3. Agnote – Branding in the NT

Cattle Tick

Refer to Explanatory Notes on the reverse side of the NT Health Certificate & Waybill.

Factsheet – Cattle Tick – Explanatory Notes, Requirements & Definitions

Land Transport Standards (LTS) apply – MLA - Is it fit to load? | DPIF LTS [booklet] | DPIF LTS [website]

For more information regarding Livestock Movements please contact your Livestock Biosecurity Officer