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Farm Finance 

Farm Finance is an Australian Government initiative that aims to build the ongoing financial resilience of farmers struggling with high levels of debt. The Northern Territory Farm Finance: Concessional Loans Scheme will assist Northern Territory (NT) Farm Businesses which are experiencing debt servicing difficulties but are considered potentially viable in the longer term. [more information


Pastoral Lease Rent Waiver 2013-14

On 13 June 2014, Minister for Land Resource Management and Primary Industries and Fisheries the Hon Willem Westra van Holthe MLA announced a package to waive pastoral lease rents on properties affected by seasonal conditions. [more information]


Drought Assistance

The Australian Government's range of assistance measures to assist farm families and businesses in drought-affected areas. [more information]


Publications for download

Download Northern Territory Primary Industry and Fisheries Overview and Outlook 2013 [DOCX] Northern Territory Primary Industry and Fisheries Overview and Outlook 2013 [DOCX]
Welcome to the fifth edition of the Northern Territory Primary Industries and Fisheries Overview and Outlook. This document provides more comprehensive information and analyses of statistics related to the NT Primary Industry Sectors than the Economic Outlook 2013. It is based on actual statistics up to 2012-13 and provides forecast figures. In addition the document provides information on the NT economy, the performance of industry sectors, industry forecasts, industry multiplier effects, NT major trading partners, currency exchange rates and links to other useful publications and websites.
Download Agribusiness Investment Booklet [DOCX] Agribusiness Investment Booklet [DOCX]
The self help guide to developing agricultural enterprises in the Northern Territory. Regularly updated, it explains to potential investors and the wider community which government agencies provide what types of information and the applications and approvals required to operate in the NT.


Download Economic Outlook 2013 [DOCX] Economic Outlook 2013 [DOCX]
The new edition of the Northern Territory Rural Industries and Fisheries Economic Outlook for 2013 is now available. This document is produced annually and provides production and value of production statistics on past, current and future output by Northern Territory primary industries. In addition, the document provides other economic statistics covering contributions to Gross State Product, comparisons across industries and employment figures. » DOWNLOAD PDF VERSION