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China and Japan Investment Attraction Strategy

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The China and Japan Minerals Investment Attraction Strategy

 The Northern Territory Government’s China Minerals Investment Attraction Strategy

 A 4-year China Minerals Investment Attraction Strategy was launched in 2007 to competitively position the Northern Territory as a preferred location for China’s mineral and metal demands. 

The strategy aims to: 
  • Raise the profile of the Northern Territory’s mineral and investment opportunities in China
  • Advance NT exploration and mining projects through Chinese investment
  • Provide support and advice for China business liaison and protocol 
Chinese investment can play an important role in accelerating local exploration efforts through co-operative exploration programs, joint venture and the provision of resources.
The China Minerals Investment Attraction Strategy is part of the NT Government’s overall investment attraction program Creating Opportunities for Resource Exploration (CORE), which aims to assist explorers to make the next major mineral and petroleum discovery in the Northern Territory.
Investment Attraction Activities in Japan
In January 2008, the NT Government committed to undertaking an enhanced investment attraction program in Japan. These activities include an annual visit to Japan to promote Northern Territory mineral and investment opportunities. The annual visit is supported by the Australian Embassy in Japan and JOGMEC (Japan Oil & Gas Minerals Exploration Corporation) and includes an investment seminar and meeting program.
Interested in Chinese or Japanese Investment?
The Department can assist you to identify and meet Chinese and Japanese companies who are interested in investing in Northern Territory exploration and mining projects. The Department provides the following services:
1. Promotion of your project
Since December 2008 almost 70 exploration projects have been submitted to promote to Chinese and Japanese companies. The Department promotes the projects to in-bound visitors to Darwin, on visits to China and Japan and by targeting Chinese and Japanese companies directly.
Companies interested to promote their projects are asked to fill out a project sheet. These projects sheets have proven effective in assisting Chinese and Japanese companies to identify investment opportunities. Many of the submitted projects have been ‘matched’ to prospective investors with potential for joint venture.  
If you would like the Department to promote your project please download the attached form and email to

2. Meeting in-bound Chinese and Japanese delegations
Since the commencement of the two strategy over 166 visits have been made by 90 Chinese and Japanese companies to Darwin.  The Department supports these visits by developing a program and organising meetings with NT exploration and mining companies. If you are interested to meet with visiting Chinese and Japanese companies please submit a project sheet and contact us.
3. Participating in missions to China and Japan
If you are interested in participating in Northern Territory missions please contact us, the missions are an effective way to gain exposure to the market and identify prospective Chinese and Japanese investors. In 2012 the Department will return to China, Korea and Japan, limited places will be available for industry. For more information on our services please contact Cindy McIntyre at or (618) 8999 6222.