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Petroleum Data and Databases

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Petroleum Data and Databases

Details on Petroleum production, wells, seismic surveys and work commitments are available here.

Queries about reports and data should be made through the InfoCentre.

Onshore and Inland and Coastal Waters Reports and Data


Reports and Digital Data

Petroleum Well exploration reports and data can be found and downloaded from GEMIS

DVDs containing well completion reports and data by basin are available. See the NTGS Product Catalogue for ordering information.

NTGS do not hold digital log files for all NT wells. Additional digital log files can be purchased from Occam Technology in Adelaide, South Australia.

The National Petroleum Wells Database also hold some log data. This database is maintained by Geoscience Australia.

Well Locations

Well locations are mapped on STRIKE.


COREDAT lists all core/cuttings held by the Northern Territory Geological Survey and contains summary information.

To view or sample core/cuttings, complete the Request to Sample form.

For more information contact the Core Facility Manager.

Seismic Surveys


Petroleum reports can be searched in PEX, and requested individually. DVDs containing all seismic survey reports by geological basin are available. See the NTGS Product Catalogue for ordering information.

Digital Data

Digital seismic data is supplied as a package per geological basin, and is delivered on a hard drive. Charges apply. The package will include all data within a region, including both field and processed data in the formats listed in the spreadsheet below. Some of the data contains navigation information in headers, but this is not guaranteed. The use of reports and support data may be necessary to obtain all required information.

This digital data listing is growing as new surveys are acquired, become open file, or as transcription projects are completed.

Onshore Digital Data

Hardcopy data

A list of all onshore seismic lines in the NT is provided below. Hardcopy data in various formats for some of the lines that are not included in the Digital Data listing may be available.

 Onshore Line Listing

Line Locations

Seismic line locations are mapped on STRIKE.

Offshore Reports and Data

The National Offshore Petroleum Titles Administrator (NOPTA) is responsible for administration of petroleum exploration data collected in all offshore areas. Data are available from Geoscience Australia (GA). Core is held by Western Australia Geological Survey on behalf of NOPTA. 

Enquiries relating to reports, data and sample submission should be directed to

Last Updated: 05 February 2015