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Mineral Titles

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Mineral Titles

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Titles ReceptionThe Department of Mines and Energy through the administration of the Mineral Titles Act, Petroleum Act and other associated legislation provides access to land in the Northern Territory for the purpose of exploration and mining.

Detailed information on petroleum and geothermal titles can be found under the Energy – Oil, Gas and Geothermal link at

Mineral Titles

Exploration and mining for minerals in the Northern Territory is subject to the Mineral Titles Act. Minerals and extractive minerals (sand, gravel, rocks and soil) may only be removed by miners who are authorised to do so under the Mineral Titles Act by the grant of a title. The department provides client focussed services for the grant and maintenance of such titles including management of the procedures associated with the Commonwealth Aboriginal Land Rights (NT) Act and the Native Title Act.

The department grants and monitors exploration and mining titles to comply with current legislation. It maintains title ownership via a titles register and monitors mining/exploration activities in its Titles Management System. 

Comprehensive explanatory notes and all necessary forms for title applications, renewals, reporting and other title processes may be obtained from our Forms and Guidelines page.

A comprehensive summary of the regulation of mineral titles in the Northern Territory has been produced by Clayton Utz Pty Ltd and has kindly been provided for your information. 

Public access to online titles information is available through STRIKE. This online query system provides information on all applications and granted exploration and mining titles, exploration and production energy titles, pipelines and Geothermal tenure by way of an interactive map of the Territory. It provides clients with current publicly available spatial (geographical location), textual (ownership/transactions) and cadastral (land status) data associated with all titles.

By searching underlying land tenure on the cadastral layer, users can obtain details of land status and in some cases landholders' contact details or download spatial data files of current applications and granted titles.