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Reporting under the NT Mineral Titles Act

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Reporting under the NT Mineral Titles Act

Mineral title holders in the NT are required to prepare and submit regular statutory reports under the Northern Territory Mineral Titles Act.

Annual and final reports cover the exploration and other technical work undertaken on Exploration Licences, Exploration Licences in Retention and Mineral Leases. The report must include all geological, geophysical and geochemical data obtained and be in accordance with Guideline 7: Reporting on Mineral Titles. Mineral Reporting Template Software (MRT) has been made available to assist in providing geochemical, drilling and other point located data in the required format. There are penalties for failure to comply with reporting requirements.

The Mineral Titles Act provides for public release of the reports when designated periods of confidentiality have been observed. Such open-file mineral reports constitute an historical database that assists future exploration in the Northern Territory. An index of reports can be accessed via Geoscience Exploration and Mining Information System (GEMIS).

Expenditure reports detail admissible exploration expenditure against a number of categories for a mineral title over an operational year and also indicate the work program and expected expenditure for the following year.

Annual and expenditure reports may be amalgamated and report on a common date if certain criteria are met. An application may also be made to submit annual reports for Mineral Leases and reports due under the Mining Management Act on a common date.

Guideline 7: Reporting on Mineral Titles provides further information on these and other reports including preliminary airborne survey, production and reserve reports.

All guidelines and forms, including those for submission of geological samples (drill core and cuttings) can be found here.

All reports must be lodged with:
Northern Territory Geological Survey
Department of Mines and Energy 
GPO Box 4550

3rd Floor Paspalis Centrepoint Building
48-50 Smith Street Mall

Reports and expenditures can be emailed to Email attachments should not exceed 10 MB. Report receipt will be acknowledged within three working days.

To avoid delays please do not email or address reports, data or expenditure forms to individuals within the Department.

Report Format and Content Requirements

Digital reporting is mandatory. The required content and formats outlined in Guideline 7: Reporting on Mineral Titles follow nationally endorsed guidelines developed and maintained by the Government Geoscience Information Committee, a subcommittee of the Chief Government Geologists' Committee, with representatives from all jurisdictions. These national guidelines standardise file types and content to enable more consistent and complete reporting of activities by explorers that operate in a number of Australian jurisdictions. Adherence to these standards will also ensure that high quality reports, data and metadata will remain accessible to the mineral exploration industry and will provide a lasting information resource for future exploration.

Reports that do not comply with the standards in the relevant Guidelines or that are incomplete will be rejected which may result in late lodgement and incur late lodgement fees.

Enquiries and Feedback

Suggestions, questions or feedback regarding any of the above issues is welcome and should be directed to:

Last Updated: 18 November 2011