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Publications and Products

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Publications and Products

The Northern Territory Geological Survey (NTGS) is committed to the rapid production of high quality publications and products containing geoscientific information from its projects. Publications are generally only available in digital formats, with exceptions for maps and some special publications. Older publications have been scanned but printed versions of some of these are still available in limited numbers.

Since 1999, NTGS has had a zero-pricing policy for all publications, products and services. This also applies to joint publications with Geoscience Australia and other collaborative partners when acquired through the Minerals and Energy InfoCentre. In addition, open file exploration reports that have already been scanned or were submitted in digital format, are provided to clients on DVD free of charge.

The majority of NTGS products are now available for download via the Product Catalogue. Territory wide GIS data can be downloaded via STRIKE and imagery via the Geophysical Image Web Server (GIWS). Digital datasets not suitable for download are available on request via the InfoCentre. Clients may be asked to provide a portable storage device when requesting large datasets.

The NTGS Product List is produced several times per annum to facilitate offline browsing and printing of publication lists including simple index maps showing areas covered by map and spatial data.

NTGS Update

The NTGS Update email list is a subscription alert service detailing recently released geoscience products and related information from NTGS and highlighting other relevant activities that could assist clients. In general the alert is issued with a maximum frequency of six times per annum but ad hoc updates may be distributed on occasion.

Reports (ISSN 0814-7477)

These professionally edited reports are usually the culmination of a substantial body of work undertaken by the staff of NTGS, and are intended for wide circulation. The reports add to the knowledge of the Territory’s geology and mineral resources and encourage exploration.

Explanatory Notes and Geological Maps

Explanatory notes and geological maps are produced for selected 1:100 000 and 1:250 000 map sheets within the Territory. Explanatory notes are the definitive description of the geology of a map sheet area, and are utilised by the exploration industry, researchers and general public.

Each new map has a corresponding GIS dataset available in MapInfo format. GIS datasets for older maps are progressively being made available. All available explanatory notes, maps and GIS datasets can be downloaded via the Product Catalogue.

Records (ISSN 1443-1149)

The Record series commenced in 1999, and continued the series of unpublished reports previously known as “Technical Reports”. Unlike most of the previous Technical Report series, the Records undergo a professional review and editing process before publication. Clients can search and download Records via the Product Catalogue.

Technical Notes

The technical notes series commenced in 2000 and consists of unpublished and unedited reports and datasets. They are mostly intended for internal use only, however some may be of interest to a wider audience. Technical Notes can be found via the InfoCentre Library Catalogue and copies may be requested via the InfoCentre.

Technical Reports

The InfoCentre library collection holds a comprehensive collection of unpublished Technical Reports that were released between 1920 and 1999 with a report number that is usually designated with the prefix “GS”. Technical Reports initially produced only in print have been scanned and the majority of the collection is available in digital form. Technical Reports are searchable via the InfoCentre Library Catalogue and copies can be requested via the InfoCentre.

Territory Wide and Regional Geological and Geophysical Maps

Territory wide geological and geophysical maps at 1:2 500 000 scale are updated and re-released when new data becomes available. Geological maps have equivalent GIS datasets that can be downloaded via the Product Catalogue or STRIKE. Geophysical maps can be downloaded via the Product Catalogue and have equivalent geolocated images that can be viewed and downloaded via the Geophysical Image Web Server (GIWS).

A few regional geological maps and GIS datasets at 1:500 000 or 1: 1 000 000 scale are also available through the Product Catalogue.

Digital Information Packages (ISSN 1445-5358)

Digital Information Packages, or DIPs, were first released in 2001, and are distributed to clients on DVD. The content of DIPs varies, but they are often specific databases or GIS datasets generated and updated by NTGS on a regular basis. The latest versions of the DIPs are announced in the email alert service, NTGS Update.

HyLogger Data Packages

HyLogger Data Packages (HDPs) have been developed to aid clients in accessing and interpreting hyperspectral data collected by processing of drill core through the HyLogger. The data includes an overview document, high resolution core imagery and a dataset that can be viewed using The Spectral Geologist (TSG) free viewer. Due to their size, HDPs are not available online and requests should be made via the InfoCentre.

Last Updated: 26 June 2015