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Georgina Basin

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Georgina Basin

Sedimentary: dolostone, limestone, shale, sandstone, siltstone.
Georgina Basin
Epoch Min:
Epoch Max:
Cryogenian (Neoproterozoic).
Age Min:
355 Ma.
Age Max:
850 Ma.
A widespread Neoproterozoic to Palaeozoic intracratonic basin that was initiated as part of the Centralian Superbasin and extends east into Queensland.
Unconformably overlies the Aileron Province, Tennant Region, Murphy Inlier, McArthur and South Nicholson Basins and Lawn Hill Platform. Interpreted to be contiguous at depth with Wiso and Daly Basins. Conformably overlies Kalkarindji Province. Unconformably overlain by Carpentaria Basin. The basin deepens towards the south along the margin with the Arunta Region.
Up to 3.7 km.
Numerous deposits of sedimentary phosphate including the Wonarah phosphate deposit. Several lead-zinc occurrences are located along the southern margin. Frequent oil shows throughout the basin.
Major exploration target for sedimentary phosphate. Exploration for base metals, diamonds, manganese, oil and gas. Locally forms shallow cover over prospective basement.
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