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Northern Territory Geological Survey

The Northern Territory Geological Survey (NTGS) is the Territory's premier geoscience agency, and is dedicated to assisting explorers in unlocking the Territory's rich resource potential.

NTGS undertakes world-class geoscience targeted towards a better understanding of the Territory's Geoscience Framework and prospectivity. Our client-focused team also delivers and manages pre-competitive geoscientific datasets and actively promotes the exploration potential of the Territory.

What's New

Join us in Alice Springs 17-18 March 2015 for the 16th Annual Geoscience Exploration Seminar (AGES). For more information, see our AGES 2015 page.

AGES 2015 will be open for registration on 1 December 2014. 

AGES 2014 Abstracts and Presentations now available

Geology and mineral resources of the Northern Territory, compiled by M Ahmad and T Munson, 2013. With 1100 pages, this major publication is the first ever comprehensive overview of the geology and resources of the Territory.

New Item Delamere 250k revised 2nd ed (2014): GIS (MapInfo,  7.7Mb), ECW (5.4Mb), Map (pdf, 5.4Mb). (26/11/2014)

New Item West Amadeus Gravity Survey: order data via the InfoCentre online enquiry form. (25/11/2014)

New Item 3 HyLogger drillhole reports: HDP 0016, 0018 McArthur Basin, HDP 0017 Amadeus Basin, order via the online enquiry form. (31/10/2014)

New Item HyLogger drillhole report for Tempe Vale 1, Amadeus Basin, Northern Territory. HDP 0015; order via the online enquiry form. (14/10/2014)

New Item Meteorites and impact structures in the Northern Territory. NTGS Record 2014-007 (09/10/2014)

New Item McArthur Basin field guide, 29 September - 07 October 2014. NTGS Technical Note 2014-003 (09/10/2014)


Geology and Resources Geology and Resources: Information on the Territory's geology, geophysics, commodities and current NTGS projects.
InfoCentre InfoCentre: Your central entry point to personalised research assistance and geoscience information and data from professional information managers and geoscience experts.
Exploration Initiatives Exploration Initiatives: an initiative to maximise opportunities for the exploration and development of new mineral and petroleum resources. Find factsheets, maps and presentations on commodities and resource potential as well as information on investment opportunities and current activity in the Territory.
Publications and Products Publications and Products: Comprehensive range of geology publications, maps, datasets, geophysical and landsat data available free of charge.
Core Facility Core Facility: Core and cuttings from onshore and offshore petroleum wells and mineral drill holes.
Databases Online Systems and Databases: Extensive range of online geology, geochemistry, geophysical, mineral occurrences, petroleum and mineral exploration reports and data.
Guidelines and Reporting Guidelines and Reporting: Explanatory documents and forms for the submission of reports and data.
Petroleum Data and Databases Petroleum Data and Databases: Information on energy exploration and resources in the Northern Territory