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Site visit sees satisfactory results at Western Desert

Site visit sees satisfactory results at Western Desert

A team of mining officers from the Department of Mines and Energy have recently returned from a detailed site visit to the Western Desert Resources site to ensure that wet season preparation works were completed at the site.

Flowcharts for the Grant of a Mineral Title

Flowcharts for the Grant of a Mineral Title

For your information, just loaded onto the DME Website are a suite of flow diagrams that illustrate the general grant process of a Mineral Title under the Mineral Titles Act. Although not exhaustive in explanation, they do capture the main decision points that the mineral title grant process must take.

 Smart Technology Streamlines work in the field

Smart technology streamlines work in the field

The Department of Mines and Energy is taking advantage of new technology to help increase efficiency in the workplace.

The new streamlined software can be used on iPads and smart phones and is a significant help to workers in the field record environmental information

Mike Fawcett, Phil Hausler and Tania Laurencont inspect the Rum Jungle site

Detailed investigations at Rum Jungle 

A detailed investigation has just been completed on the Rum Jungle mine site as an essential part of the site rehabilitation planning. (4.11.2014)  

Improving the delivery of Mines and Energy information through a new web application

STRIKE Launch 

Today the Department of Mines and Energy brings online the redeveloped Spatial Territory Resource Information Kit for Exploration (STRIKE) that will greatly improve access to the government’s tenure information and geoscientific data for the resources industries. The new web application incorporates the information that was published through the Titles Information System (TIS), which has now been retired. (3.11.2014)

2013-14 Annual Report

McArthur River Mine (MRM) - Independent Monitor’s report

A community meeting was held in Borroloola (23/10/2014) where the Independent Monitor presented its 2013-14 Audit Report focused on the environmental performance of the MRM. The Independent Monitor’s report is now available. [media release] (23.10.2014)

 Petroelum New Acreage

Petroleum New Acreage

On the first of January 2014, amendments to the Petroleum Act came into effect.  The amendments allow for the controlled release of vacant land and the government to accept multiple applications for exploration permits on the same acreage, providing for a more competitive assessment process. 
Round 2 – Released 24 July 2014, closes 12 December 2014
Round 1 – Released 16 June 2014, closes 12 December 2014

DME Annual Report 2013-14

Annual Report 2013-14

This report provides a summary of new and continuing work conducted during the previous financial year, together with results, where available, and general recommendations.

Exploration Initiatives

Creating Opportunities for Resource Exploration: an initiative to maximise opportunities for the exploration and development of new mineral and petroleum resources. Find factsheets, maps and presentations on commodities and resource potential as well as information on investment opportunities and current activity in the Territory.

DME Strategic Plan 2013-2017

Department of Mines and Energy Strategic Plan 2013-2017:

Our Vision
The Northern Territory is the preferred destination for resource investment and development.