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Locals to play key role in recovery

Posted: 6 March 2015

As the rebuilding phase continues in communities affected by Cyclone Lam, there will be a range of opportunities for local people to be employed in a range of jobs benefitting the local economies.

Contractors already on the ground are engaging with Remote Jobs and Community Programs (RJCP) providers to employ local people for repairs, rebuilding and recovery work including construction work, supervision and cultural liaison roles.

Local people participating in the RJCP and employed by the Arnhem Land Progress Association have been actively engaged in the initial response.

Department of Housing panel contractors are being mobilised to support repairs and restoration efforts and will be required to engage a significant proportion of their workforce from the local community.

A major feature of the reconstruction effort will be partnerships with Yolngu business and enterprises across the three communities.  

Although planning for significant capital works for schools and community housing is only in its infancy, the delivery of long term training, employment and business opportunities will be a key objective.

On the ground we are talking with community groups, community leaders and residents to re-establish activities and programs, such as playgroups, sporting activities and aged care programs as soon as possible. 

As well as repairing what was destroyed, we would like to engage with the local communities about their long term visions and aspirations.

We want residents of the affected communities to actively contribute to delivery of the rebuilding and redevelopment.